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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Hayling 19th jan

Host Host: adrian
Date Date: 19/01/08
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Rating OMWC Rating: 4 star rating
Arrived early for high tide, good choice although not as shore dumpy as I might have thought. Rigged 5.4 on JP93 board (once again)
Warm weather and great wind, a bit maxed out at times but managable.
Spent most of the time on the outer sandbar as the tide dropped. Not always a good move as on landing a high jump my mast broke clean in half at the boom.
SH*T, no one around to see....
Derigged the kit and slowly swam towards shore. managed to see someone who sailed in to call out the RNLI, as this was going to take some time. Then luckily I came across a confident sailer who was able to tow me in. He did an outstanding job considering the conditions etc.
Saw Jonathan on the way in, who then met me at the beach to caddy my kit. Many thanks.

Later heard from Heather who sailed 4.5m on her wave board and sounded like she had a great day (1st sail of 2008). I hope we will see more of you Heather this winter.

Did not see anyone else, but there was plenty of boards on the water, more than kites...

Off to Spot on Water today to get another mast.

Last updated: 20/01/08 10:37 By: adrian
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Diary for jonathan at Hayling Island on 19/01/08

Vulcan attempt # 1
My first proper vulcan attempt...
Rating:4 star rating
Board:74 litres

Met up with Adrian at Hayling. Started off on 84l waveboard and 5m however had underestimated how much damage I had done to my board last weekend. Had to apply some last minute dingstick and of course couldn't be bothered to wait for it to set. Hence my board started taking on water!

The good news was that the wind increased, so came in to change to my 74l and whack on a load more downhaul. Whilst I was doing this I was amazed that Adrian was hanging onto his 5.2m and freestyle board. When I headed back out, sure enough I saw him hanging onto it.. only his sail was totally derigged and he was missing half his mast - sorry I didn't see you earlier Adrian, although I certainly wouldn't have been able to give you the fanatastic tow that the other guy did!

The good news for everyone (but especially Adrian) was how warm it was - it was great to be out without boots again!