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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Hayling Island 24/25 Feb 2007

action at Lepe
Date Date: 24/02/07
Venue Venue: Hayling Island
Web linkWeb:Some photos
Wow ? BIG swell for the south coast. And breezy ? so the party was on after all! The high tide caught a few out though, who thought that they might nip in for a late afternoon dip. Impressive shore break!

Sunday found a few groggy mortals who chose diverse locations for their hangover cures ? the wind had turned Northerly ? Juan and John Gouk went to Bracklesham where it was packed with desperate surfers, so lots of things to avoid ? but big swell, and had an interesting sail ? some of the deeper Bracklesham pockets were ?challenging? as Juan described it!; meanwhile, inspired by his recently won ?FISH OUT OF WATER? looping award, Kiwi Stephen trekked to Kimmeridge, and had to wait until later in the afternoon but got some heavenly Fijian style waves for his patience, with their crests prettily swept back by the breeze. I can?t give you all of Stephen?s commentary, as there simply isn?t room for the over the top war and peace epic ? check out the Boards forum 25th Feb for that: ? Do you want to know what K-Bay was like on Sunday?.. There were mast high sets coming through every now and again and Timo, Cribby and the Locals were going off. But it was sketchy early on. About 3pm I launched with a 5.7 and 88L wave board. Rod and I managed to get out of the bay and we sailed straight into a set of some sweet logo high walls in the middle of the bay which we sessioned - laying down 3 bottom turns - cut backs per wave. Happy about that!.

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Added by Andrew on 24/03/07

Didn't make the sailing, but it was a great party in the evening. Now, remind me, what have I volunteered for ?

Last updated: 03/05/07 00:18 By: Andrew

Added by Kiwi Steve on 29/03/07

Mast High K-Bay Feb 2007
Mast high sets on the middle of the bay. Sweet!