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Cracked X9 mast - need to buy replacement

Started by Started by: mikep
I've cracked my Neilpryde X9 430 mast - makes a lot of noise in use and don't want to have to get towed in Kiwi style in this cold.

Need to replace it but the UK imported doesnt have any stock - they are on back order - a few weeks lead time.

In the meant time, does anyone have an old 430 mast I can borrow / buy. Carbon optional...

07766 227749

Last updated: 10/03/08 22:28 By: Genevieve
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Added by markh on 10/03/08

Hi Mike,
May have an old X3 430 in the garage you're welcome to borrow until your X9 turns up. A lot heavier but hopefully compatible with any NP sail.
I'd better check it's still there first!
(in Poole of course...)

Added by mikep on 10/03/08

Web:Riks Windsurfing

Hey Mark,

Panic over. Managed to get free loan of an X6 from www.riks-sports.com/ until the X9's come in; had to order a new one - :( Ouch. They are currently floating somewhere between here and Hong Kong, arriving end of March. Thanks anyway. Mike.