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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

sailing at easter ???

Started by Started by: Genevieve
The forecast is for W moving NW. South Coast way, Bracklesham or West Wittering is good in NW direction. For sure, someone will sail in the Solent somewhere. In the East, Minster, Whitstable or Minnis Bay are great, and closer if you are leaving from London. Super-keen to drive somewhere further to get the most out of the northerly???, then try Cromer (love that Cromer Cra8) or Hunstanton (say hello to the seals).

Anyone up for some finger-sucking cold sailing? You know you want to do the rinse cycle in subzero temps! Give a call to Steve or Juan to firm up details of where they might take the pppplunge....

Last updated: 19/03/08 13:43 By: Genevieve
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Added by Jude on 19/03/08

we'll be in kent over easter visiting my folks, so might be able to make it to minnis bay. Not sure I'll be tempted in but Mark might be persuaded...

Added by Andrew on 19/03/08

Sorry, I can't make it. Might get a chance to sail in the OTHER Christchurch harbour though. 27 degrees at the moment !

Have a great Easter everyone.


Added by adrian on 20/03/08

Can only sail fri or sat. Saturday seems the better day at the moment.
Was going to Hillhead or Meon.
Will join you all if not too far. Brackelsham bay sounds good.

Let me know

07860 710562

Added by jonathan on 20/03/08

heading back to Yorkshire for the long weekend. Enjoy the Northerlies - brrrr!

Added by Genevieve on 20/03/08

Hi Jude - Have fun in Minnis Bay. Yes, I too am not yet tempted, although I do have 3 obstacles in my way as well as my general lack of fitness. Congratulations are overdue from us- but we are still sending xmas cards -no joke - and we hope your bouncing baby is letting you sleep every now and then.

Hi Andrew - you skyte! (ozzie for showoff!) Yes, the OTHER Christchurch harbour sounds very tempting - I do hope you do it! And get some photo evidence please! We want proof,,,

Updated info for you Adrian, if you are still interested: Juan and the kiwi, Roger and Steve B. are heading down to the beach Good Friday, looks like Bracklesham/Wittering but could be forced to Langstone if too Northerly rather than NW. Give one of them a call to join in. Or just turn up! Maybe Friday will be good for more than one reason!

Added by adrian on 21/03/08

Thanks Genevieve for the update. Keen to surf today, but prefer not to be in the harbour. I think the plan is bracklesham this afternoon on the falling tide


Added by Juanito on 21/03/08

Hi Adrian - Bracklesham was great - we missed you?

Where did you sail ? Stephen sailed both WWittering and Bracklesham, in a rash attempt to boost his chances to win the Dear Diary prizes...A bit chilly but nice sideshore with nicely formed waves, well spaced although not huge. Truly a good friday.

By the way Jonathon - take care in the snow up there in the Dales!!!