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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Genevieve and van
Genevieve - an Ozzie Ex-pat who enjoys the white water, and loves to try back loops, and doesn't mind slumming it in 1 foot onshore winds and swell when desperate measures are called for, but one inch is pushing the limit...probably

ok -you might want an update on what is happening with the committee. Well, we have held a committee meeting where we thoroughly agreed to do less work and more play all round.

We are starting the season on the last weekend of April at Hayling Island with a Big Cleanup at Esso Beach, with everyone invited to improve this valuable south coast location that works in a Northerly and when tide is high! (there are so few... they need to be looked after!!!) With snow forecast for Easter, it might be fortuitous that we start the season later, but Chase The Wind in the meantime. However, I have to say, that I have had some great sailing when it has snowed or hailed in this country, so don't rule it out!!! But obviously, rug up well.

Update on May14: yep - it was cold for ages, then suddenly about 2 weeks of hot right up until tomorrow! Hayling was great - see the event report! We found lots of rubbish and collected as much as we could.

We are doing exciting things for National Windsurf Week - so if you are a new member - come on down!!! Check out the event listings Beth has put up for your details on exactly what is happening and where. Contact a committee member for help on finding locations, if you need it! Don't be Shy!

Update on May14: Lots went to the movies, Bigbury had great waves (the British Fiji on a big day!) and Christchurch was sunny and warm, so enticing for a relaxed sail enjoying the water in light summery conditions.

We are planning a party for the end of the season, so more news on that as it progresses. We also plan to have a 2008 end of season Annual published, so don't forget that you can contribute photos and writing to that - keep them handy somewhere.

We have started a Diary Dates competition, so remember to log your sailing so you can win a prize. We have added a photo capacity for user profiles, so add yours now - pictures can say a thousand words...

More to be added soon!

Last updated: 26/03/09 08:04 By: Andrew
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