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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Big Up to Bigbury

bigbury may 08
Host Host: Nick McKay
Date Date: 03/05/08
Venue Venue: South Devon (Bigbury)
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Big Up to Bigbury (3)
Rating OMWC Rating: 3 star rating
Arrived at Bigbury carpark early morning to find Steve already taking in the stunning views. There seemed to be some breeze around so we hit the water for a few hours of marginal 6m weather. Steve had booked his SUP lesson with Martin at Discovery at 12.30 so I decided to sail up wind to Bantham to find a knee high wave with a nice gusty cross off wind and spent a few hours sharing a few waves with the surfers and one other windsurfer. Actually I had a lot of fun but gave up when the high tide pushed the wave right up the rivermouth. Steve was back on his windsurfer by then - he said SUP is really tricky when there's some wind around so it seems like it really is a light wind alternative. So I followed him out to sea and we had a good few runs - Mike H joined us but the wind died after his first gybe (sods law) and I think Mike P went out for a bit but it must have been a reality check after his trip to Maui! Mike and Beth handed out the Champagne for a beach BBQ in the evening with Mike P, Helen and John G joining us. Then it was off to the Royal Oak for some Guinness and Mike H's two girls nearly beat me at pool until Dad messed things up for them . . . 'DAD!'

Saturday night signalled the arrival of the surf (you could hear it roaring up the valley, or was someone snoring). Mike hit the surf first on his longboard and showed us all how to pick off the biggest sets furthest out. I had a go with John G on the Challoborough side but my surfing is getting worse instead of better these days. John felt he'd made some progress so he 'was like totally stoked dude'. Beth went out on her surf canoe (she's an ex champion) and caught a few waves on the surfboard too, Mike P introduced Helen to some surfing and Steve and I sat on the cliff and chilled. Rik arrived (without the promised van full of nurses) and went for a surf but by now it was a bit tricky with the high tide. I had a great walk up the river mouth late afternoon with Steve and Haka the dog - it's a different world up there on a bank holiday weekend! Mike H's family went on the Sea Tractor to Burgh Island, but on the way back the wheel fell off so they had an exciting rescue (for the children) from the lifeguard's RIB.

Saturday saw a reunion of the OMWC Van Party Crew but we were all a bit tired from the surf so called it a day before it was too late.

Sunday the sun had gone but the surf was still up and for an hour there was a bit of wind so I rigged a 5.5 but soon realised that where the waves were breaking the wind was too offshore for me to catch them. My Mum and Dad arrived from Yealmpton and we tried to get a meal at the Pilchard on the Island but they'd already sold out of food! So back to the Venus cafe for a burger.

All in all a great time was had by all, 2 days of great weather, 2 days of great surf and even a bit of sailing. SO WHERE WERE YOU ALL!!

Last updated: 07/05/08 23:06 By: johng
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Diary for johng at South Devon (Bigbury) on 03/05/08

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:3 star rating
Board:0 litres

Yeah, great event, and yes, I love that place too!! Nick and I timed the surf session perfectly - just the right size for us experienced "green room" specialists - gnarly, dude!! Then the Surf School arrived and the waves went, so we lit out for a cup of tea and a biscuit. Lovely weather, great Sat night bbq on the beach, and the excitement of narrowly beating Michael and Becca thanks to Michael's astonishing incompetence at pool ;-^) was the evening's crowning glory - sorry Becca, better luck next time, or pick your team better ;) !

I dashed off on Sunday pm and did a load of DIY stuff for a recently moved friend - hmm, not sure that was a good move...

Added by beth on 08/05/08

What a great weekend. A little excitement for everyone - being rescued from the sea tractor by the RNLI and some of the best surf I've ever surfed south coast! Definitely some of the biggest waves in my kayak for a long time; and the biggest swim with my kayak while being tumbled about. REally have to work on my roll.

I think this year at Bigbury was even better than last year. Thanks Steve and Nick! I do love that place.

Diary for beth at South Devon (Bigbury) on 13/05/08

Fetching water Tanzanian style!
Rating:2 star rating
Board:100 litres

I love Bigbury - the next day showed excellent surf

Added by Genevieve on 14/05/08

Sounds amazing Nick! What great fun. And already an SUP fan! So...trounced at pool by the kids ehh! Must be the big four-oh coming up that put you off your game.


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