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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

More Dear Diary UpDates

Date Date: 25/08/08
Web linkWeb:choose and event and go windsurfing with your mates!
Yet Another update on the Dear Diary competition in the separate categories of:

1. Fluid Dynamics. Most days sailed. No real news on the leader of the pack - Yes, (almost a yawn) Carl remains the person who has worked least and sailed most this year, with 38 outings. sigh of jealosy. But unlike in the olympics, where they were the golden boys in windsurfing, the kiwi has lost the plot and is now way out of contention despite all the autumnal windy offerings this summer. Instead, we now have 3 eager sailors who are coming up the inside rail and making a bid for freedom this summer - Beth, Andrew and John G, all on 32 outings!!! John has clearly added a new bid to his weekend warrior hat from the last update. So there is plenty of action happening for the podium places here.

(ok - chasers who do chase the wind have an advantage here. As do those who abandon work at the slightest movement of a leaf - not mentioning any names...will the coming autumn sailing separate the pack?).

2. Weekend Warrior. Most days sailed at club events out of the season of club weekends.

The leader here - this is more difficult to assess as you need to read all the diary entries and event reports. Which is fun but makes me jealous. And it is more subject to my error. Here we have a good showing across many. Andrew has done well. Mike T and Adrian have been to quite a few. Special mention for all the parents who have been along with the kiddiewinkles in tow - especially the ladies who have been getting their beach days in -those that I have noticed -Nuala, Jayne, Jude, Sheena, Beth, me(!)
A truly special round of applause for TC who has recently hosted an epic windy weekend at christchurch but didn't get daunted!!what a hero!

3. Black cat. Most broken equipment recorded across the year. (Kiwi Stephen had a headstart here, with his broken mast and epic swim back at Pagham ! Then, in the last update - another mast breaking at Devon for Roger.

Now, in a lack of variety, another mast - this time still on t'beach at the Solent for Lawrence's kit while sunbathing, so it doesn't count. But safer that way! Nick wasn't so lucky and his UJ split into two halves at the Lee. Bonus points for originality and length of swim combined with a long walk as well. And then after a few years of rest, the return of one of the great rescued - the Shef broke a mast (is there a theme here?) at Christchurch and had quite a jaunt but Lawrence helped out before the RNLI rescuers could get there and make really make you blush.

4.Variety Pack. Widest variety of locations sailed.
There are 2 classes in this race - UK locations (club class), and the open - world class. Still wide open ...

Windsurfing overseas holidays are eking out the windsurfing miles here - the canaries, egypt, turkey and greece. Beth is the Lanzarote lady. Definitely world class! Carl is still the antspants in club class, but John G and Andrew as well as Adrian really show they like to sail around.

ok everybody - it is up to you to make a bid for these trophies. Mark a few crosses against the events calender and get grooving...I mean, windsurfing! Believe it or not but granny has already bought the xmas gifts in the sales and before you know it those haunting jingle bells will start playing, so get ripping in the last of the summer wine and autumn winds!!!

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