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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

North Devon

Life is good
Sunset surf and bbq beers
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North Devon usually means you will come back with slightly slimmer thighs - the walk to the water at lowtide can be a killer - but as the Loreal ad says - you're worth it!!

Saunton Sands, has a great longboarding surf group in the corner, a long beach of sand (yes, sand) with amazing sand-dunes that give wicked sandboarding opportunities, and had a great bonfire with cuban cigars a few years back. Stand on the cliff, or preferably drink at the clifftop hotel, and admire the nicely formed lines of surf roll in. That island in the distance has puffins on it! Watch out for the beginner surfers - or you could end up with a broken nose when their board catches you out in the surf. Lobb Fields is the campsite -a nice walk to town for dinner and skittles at the pub - but be prepared to pay in advance for the whole of a bank holiday weekend - they are used to the woosies packing up for home in the night when the rain/snow arrive (it snowed at easter a few years back). However, fame with the cool set has tarnished this great beach. Downsides are that it can take ages to get through Barnstaple (best done early morning- it has nice surf shops that can sidetrack you), the carpark is packed (MUST get there before 12) and walking the gear to the beach can be a pain, down the ramp buffetted by the breezes. And you can't landsurf or kite on this beach any more. However, it has some awesome sailing, which is why those from Bristol got the new motorway built so that they could get some sailing in here. If you like tidal reaches, then you can sail in the estuary as well - but why leave that beautiful sandy beach? Around the corner it is even tighter packed at the uber-beach, Croyde, but this is for surfin' dudes only. It has a gastropub, etc. Keep driving past here and you find classic pirate towns by the sea. But those in the know go Westward __, where the good life still prevails. Nigel is usually our host here, with his good dog Buddy.

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Added by Genevieve on 03/02/09

This presumes you and your children are reasonably fit - there is a toilet block some walk to the beach. There is a mobile cafe parked in the summer. Best to be prepared and bring your own. Some of those who have brought children here, have sometimes stayed in the White House B&B just near the beach entrance. The campsite is spartan.

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