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Where can I buy the equipment?

Started by Started by: RiccardoG
I need to buy full equipment (board, sails etc.). I live in London. Do you have any suggestions for good shops where I could find new and/or used equipment?

Also, I normally windsurf abroad and rent. I know there is no such thing as typical conditions but do you have any advice on the must have type of equipment for UK spring/summer windsurfing, in terms of board volume, sail size etc?

Any advice highly appreciated. I hope to join you soon on the water!

Last updated: 10/06/08 22:52 By: RiccardoG
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Added by bramcool on 11/06/08

Hi Ricardo,

You and I might be quite similar. My gear is still abroad in storage and is very small wave stuff. I expect we'll need something quite a lot larger (slalom type) here, though might vary on the location. I know there are a few locations that rent good gear (like west wittering www.2xs.co.uk/). Maybe worth checking out what everyone is sailing before buying?

If you feel like exploring together, let me know (bram . cool at iese . net).

Thanks! Bram

Added by mikep on 11/06/08


I have a range of equipment for sale after upgrading / changing kit around recently including - enough for a complete windsurfing quiver:

Arrows 4.7 - Old, but still fine.
Neilpryde Combat 5.0 (2006)
Neilryde Search 5.8 (2006)
Neilryde Search 5.8 (another one, 2006)
Neilpryde Supernova 6.5 (2004?)
400 mast, some carbon in it.
460 mast, no carbon
Neilpryde X6 boom
MK boom
Neilpryde carbon extensions (28cm)
Other extensions
JP Freeride Board - 144 litre (cant remember name off top of head)
JP Real World Wave 91
Starboard Evo 80
Probably some other bits and bobs

I need to work out some prices. Gimme a call if interested in any of this on 07766 227749.
Am in West London if u want to have a look.

Mike Pringuer

Added by jonathan on 11/06/08

My advice (for what it is worth) is to think carefully about what type of sailing you want to do. Obviously a lot depends on your ability and weight.
For instance my biggest board is now a 99l freestyle board - but it will take a 7m so will get me out on all but the lightest wind days (I'm selling my 112l freestyle board if you are interested).
But if you want to get planing as early as possible, then you will want something bigger. How big, depends on how big a sail you want to take. Will you only go down to the beach if it is blowing a F4+ or will you go down whatever the weather? If the latter, you would definitely want something quite a bit bigger.

Added by Kev Falck on 11/06/08

Hi Ricardo
If you are after a light'ish wind second hand board and rig then I may have something suitable:-

AHD Free Diamond 72 - approx 125 litres - with bag and fin.
Tushingham Heckler 8.5 m
Arrows 75% carbon 4.90m mast.

I rarely use this kit as I only windsurf in windier conditions now (it's a long drive to the coast so I only go on windy forecasts). It's all in really good condition and very easy to sail. Make me an offer!


Added by Richiephilip on 12/06/08

Hi Riccardo,

I was in exactly the same boat as you a couple of years ago.

I think the main questions are how often/ how much time do you have to sail and what level are you.

If, like me, yout confined to an office 99% of the week and unfdortunate enough to rely on windy weekend to get out your probably best getting a freestyle/freeride board (95l-115l) and a wave board (75-85l) with sizes ranging from 4.0m - 7.0m That set up is what i find the most suitable for London sailing. Although id not really planned my 08 kit i am selling a few bits and bobs.

RRD Wave small - 79l (fantasic all round wave board perfectly suited to UK conditions in great nick)

06 Ezzy 4.7m Wave SE. Again perfect little sail for the south ciast and in the same colours as the above! Small tear in monofilm at top but covered by a sticker so no real need to replace. Otherwise in spotless condition and only actually been used a handful of times. This small tear will be reflected in the price thou.

Norh Drx 5.7m - Great wave and freeride sail that ive been using for the past couple of years as my freestyle sail. No nicks or tears anywhere and in good condition

05 North Progression Boom for the above sails. good nick

06 Gun Wave mast - Not super Skinny but great condition and perfect for the above sails.

If interested, drop me an email - richiephilip@yahoo.com and i can send you prices and pics if needed. Im based in SW london but am a regular on the A3 so can arrange viewings anywhere near by.


Added by Genevieve on 13/06/08

Hi Riccardo,

When I first started sailing, I had only one rig and board setup, but I was in Sydney and the seabreeze was a fairly regular NE 20 knots, so I could base my decisions around this - and those who knew more about it advised me well. However, the principle is to maximise sailing options and so to maximise the gear use based on the general summer wind conditions.

A seabreeze is the best outcome of a summer's day. Force 4-5. Sunny beach weather is F3 and less usually.

Juan's opinion is as follows:
An average summer sail for a guy is on a sail between 6.5m to 7.5m, with a board that is about 120-140L. So, the midpoint is a sail of 7m and a board somewhere between 120 and 140L. The style of gear is up to you - if you are a freestyle guru then you will have a smaller board of that type and if you are a freerider/slalom sailor then you might go slightly bigger in this size, so 140L.

Obviously, your size also matters, as for me, a 7m will get me planing in F3 but for Juan a 9m or more is the minimum to achieve this!

For shops - plenty do internet deals cheaply, such as Riks. And there is one West London shop.

Hope we see you on the beach soon. And yes, there is gear hire at 2xs West Wittering and also at Poole Harbour (several shops), if you are desperate and have seen some good forecast and still haven't made up your mind on your equipment.

Good luck! May the Force (Beaufort) be with you!!!

Added by RiccardoG on 15/06/08

Thanks a lot for everybody's comments and advice. I really appreciate.
Genevieve, good to know that I can rent in some spots and it's definitely a good idea to come along sometimes and see what people are doing.
Thanks again