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Started by Started by: johng
I've got a business trip potentially to Malaga, which is just up the road from Tarifa, in September, and I can take some holiday at the same time. Is this a good time to head there?? Should I take my van full of kit, pack it onto an easyJet or just fly and rent? Thanks :) John

Last updated: 09/07/08 14:20 By: johng
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Added by Andrew on 09/07/08

I've been there twice, both in September. I reckon it's the BEST time. Summer hols are over so the crowds have gone, winds arn't nuclear but still blowing hard (I used my 3.7 sail most).

It's a long drive, make it a bit shorter by getting the ferry to N Spain, but that's a long ferry trip. There are plenty of places to hire kit, but that does mean you are tied to one location (usually las dunas).

We drove down, stayed at Camping Tarifa and sailed either from the campsite (not so windy but a bit offshore), Las Dunas, or Bologna.

Added by rogerta on 09/07/08

Pack the van and take the rest of the year off - thats my advice.

Seriously though if you have the van you can explore some of the coast for other spots - depends on how much time you have at the end of the day and how adventurous you feel. If you are thinking safety in numbers maybe better to just hire.

Added by zilched on 10/07/08

all depends how long you're going for... will take 2 or 3 days to drive there, plus the same to get back so that might rule out the van, but once you're in malaga it'll only take a couple of hours to get across to Tarifa

Added by nuporter on 10/07/08

.......& I just get business trips to Essex!!!

Added by markh on 10/07/08


Hi John,
This is the place to stay in Tarifa for a true taste of the bohemian lifestyle:-
Forget the camping.
Have a good one!