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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

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Started by Started by: johng
I've been an OMWC member for 4 years, and it's changed my life! I joined to improve my windsurfing, and sail on the sea. It's done that and more. I started in 1990 or so, on a long board, and got stuck on a gravel pit for a few years before giving up. Then I started again on a holiday in 2003, and I decided in 2004 to go for it in the UK. Joined OMWC, turned up at a few events (pretty important!!) and now I can almost sail... Yeah, like all clubs it was a little bit awkward at first, but windsurfers are a pretty friendly lot and after a few evenings and adventures around the country, I had a whole bunch of new friends :) The important thing was TURNING UP - yeah, the sea was really scarey at first, visions of disappearing over the horizon... but I got used to it with the company and example of the other guys. Brilliant! So do it!

Last updated: 11/07/08 17:30 By: johng
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Added by Jude on 14/07/08

Me & Ollie on beach in Jersey
Wishing I'd brought kite buggy to beach

Like John, I've also been a member for four years (first event July 10th 2004). Why do I remember it so well? Erm, well I just happened to meet my (now) husband (Mark H) at the event - Summerbash in Poole. SO, you could say that joining OMWC has changed my life somewhat!
Being a member of the club has been great for encouraging me to get out on the water and have lots of fun. The social side is a real bonus too.
Unfortunately I haven't managed to come to any events over the last year (being on a round-the-world- windsurfing honeymoon followed closely by pregnancy and now looking after master Oliver has hampered efforts somewhat). I'm hoping that we'll get to meet up with everyone again soon though as I'm itching to get back on the water having had only one sail so far this year. Miss you all!!

Added by Emma J on 26/07/08

Hi Guys

It was really good to meet you all down at Bramble Bush Bay the other weekend! My laptop has currently broken, so not able to get on the net unless quiet at work!

Hope you are all well and to catch up with you soon,

Emma J