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hol in feb - where?

Started by Started by: justa799
Hi, I'm thinking of going on holiday for a couple of weeks in Feb, not sure where would be best - I love Tarifa but looking for somewhere a bit warmer that time of year - I've heard Egypt is good anyone have specific info / recommendation. Thanks, Justin

Last updated: 31/08/08 21:44 By: justa799
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Added by mikep on 01/09/08

Forget Dahab at that time of year - wind will be too fickle. June is best there.

For Feb - there is only one choice: Margarita. Best time to go there is last 2 weeks in Feb in general. Such a good time to go as its the a*se of the UK winter and when you come back the days are noticabley longer and warmer. Theres a good article on it in the latest Boards mag. I've been several times and always scored. Go with www.clubvass.com or Cribby.

Email me if you want more info. Mike.

Added by johng on 01/09/08

I'd second that, been to Margarita a couple of times in the *rse end of Feb, the last time was the best holiday I've ever had. Read all about it in the old club mag - in fact, Sep 07 Boards has an article by Cribby about the session with the 3 freestylers buzzing round our heads - magic!

Added by Duncan on 09/09/08

I'd third that! Spent the whole of Feb in Margarita one year and had 28/28 windy days!

May be a few other club members looking at Margs about then - I could be one.