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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Dahab with Neilson at the Coralia

Started by Started by: gazmille
Been to Dahab for a week with Neilson (who were great) with Gavin and another person (we have only met Lawrence, Mike T and Beth that I can remember from OMWC). Just thought a bit of info may help a few people for holidays.

Neilson were great - tuition was good but relaxed for 4 days a week if you want it (we were intermediate planing) but they do have an advanced guy too). There are plenty of boards but often a bit of a fight for the 122l types but loads of smaller ones available. Rigs were in a little short supply if you were late as everyone is after the same one on each day but if you're early its not a problem.

Wind wise it was a light week by their standards (planing every morning until about one when it started to die so a light wind afternoon although one was planing.

Don't expect much if your looking for a swish hotel - food okay, bathrooms not good but the upgraded rooms are meant to be good.

Evening entertainment is poor so you need to go into the town really although Neilson organise some stuff.

Great week though - Both me and Gavin have now thrown away our uphauls and water start instead (thanks to Mike T for your help at Hill Head starting me with the beach start - obviously you gave me a good head start!). Now for waterstarting in Chop???

Hope to see some of you at Poole


Last updated: 19/09/08 17:25 By: gazmille
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Added by justa799 on 20/09/08

Hi glad you had a great time, just a tip. don't throw away the uphaul, most have one on wave boards for those caught out moments - believe it or not you can uphaul an 80 l when there is only a knot or two - also great to grab in 30 knots when the gybe goes pear lol.


Added by gazmille on 20/09/08

Throwing away the uphaul was only a figure of speach - maybe I should have put it in "....." I'm not mad and also the worrying thing is my best waterstart takes me further out to sea in a SW so need to work harder on the other one now!

Added by Lawrence on 20/09/08

whats an uphaul? ;)

Added by Lawrence on 20/09/08

Sounds like great conditions for you gary, from what I've heard from others Dahab is usually a high wind center.......normally you'd probably find yourself being 'launched' while attempting to learn waterstarts there!

Well done, every windsurfing milestone you are cracking now makes the sport so much easier & less tiring so you end up spending more time sailing & learning & then progress just continues to come.

Its good to get the low down on these resorts before going as it manages expectations if you are seeking a holiday to deliver in certain areas on either kit (the most important!) or accomodation (no so important, but if upgrade is not too much I might consider it) or Entertainment (don't give a monkeys - I'd be theer for teh sailing!). So thanks for your mini review of Dahab

Added by jonathan on 20/09/08

Egyptian Bathroom

Gavin / Gary - sorry we missed you - we were at Neilson Dahab the previous week (w/c 4 September). Our 4th time in Dahab but this time we went with Neilson due to the childcare facilities - which were brilliant - Nayra had a nanny all to herself!
You are right, the wind was a bit on the light side - one would normally expect 4.5m weather in early September - lasting well into the afternoon - sounds like you had similar wind to us.
Agree with you on the entertainment, although with Nayra generally getting us up at 6am every morning we weren't that bothered about hitting the town!
We had one of the superior rooms - to give us space for a cot. They are by all accounts much nicer although have a strange layout (they have an open plan bathroom) with a huge washbasin with steps up to it that I found reminded me of an altar and font in a church - I'll post a photo! We took the baby package that gave us cot, kettle, microwave and steriliser.
All in all, very pleased with Neilson for the childcare etc although would have to say they don't have the best spot on the beach.