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Van ideas

Started by Started by: Duncan
Sorry folks me again.

Thinking ahead to next year already and a van may well be the way forward. Any hints or tips about finding one, fitting etc gratefully received.



Last updated: 29/09/08 18:47 By: Duncan
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Added by Geraint on 29/09/08

There's only one van...it's got to be a VW Transporter T4 or the newer T5! Good Luck.

Added by Andrew on 29/09/08

Could be worth talking to Carl. He's planning to convert one soon. Plus his old one might be for sale.

Added by diane18c on 29/09/08

I have one for sale - VW Transporter 4 Long Wheel Base with 4 seats including driver's. We already have the replacement and the transporter for sale has been smartened up. How is the best way to contact you to discuss details?

Added by Wolfgang on 29/09/08

Web:TfL LEZ website

Beware on the new LEZ regulations being implemented in London for diesel engined vans (if you live or ever intend to travel into London). I am concerned that some of us may fall foul of the proposed rules before long - unfortunatelty the information available on the TfL website is not at all helpful in this respect.

Added by diane18c on 29/09/08

Yes Wolfgang, I think you are right. However, the one I have for sale is a petrol van and I believe that for this reason it will be excluded. In fact, you could say that it could be regarded as worth a premium! All the best, Diane.

Added by helenmacdiva on 03/10/08

Hi Duncan,

I don't know if you have looked on the Gumtree website, there are often some quite good bargains there, mostly for sale from Kiwis and Aussies on their travels. The vans there seem to be better value for money than other places I have looked lately. Some are fairly dodgy home-built campers, and some are really rather nice.

As for which van, I know everyone loves VW Transporters and they are nice to drive etc, but if you wanted something bigger the VW LT35 (the one that is the same shape as the Sprinter) is also very nice - I have recently bought one and it goes really well, smooth to drive and reasonably economical for its size.

Have fun,
Helen (MacDougall)

Added by Emma J on 29/10/08

Hi Duncan

It all sounds good, my boyfriend is looking at getting a van and doing it out, at some point as well, but I just keep telling him we haven't got the money at the moment!

I am a student n him a watersports centre manager, hehehe, anyways good luck with your search.

Emma xx