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Cape Verde Anyone

Started by Started by: beth
I would like to go to Cape Verde some time this cold season. M can't go as he has agreed to watch the girls. Is there anyone out there interested in going?


Last updated: 28/10/08 19:53 By: beth
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Added by gmjones on 28/10/08

been thinking about cape verde also, it would make a nice change from margs. when were you thinking, jan/feb? did you have a particular spot in mind, wave or flatwater?

Added by beth on 29/10/08

I was thinking about staying in the Sab Sab and sailing out at Pt Leme or, Calleta Fundai, Punta Preta, or have a big adventure and head further to the scary spots. Definitely waves.

Would want to go first week of March. Could also go in early February. I just can't go Feb 14-22, or March 12- 19. This is all in the planning stages still. Nothing definite except for the search for perfect waves.

Added by Duncan on 30/10/08

Like the idea and the timings are fine for me. However would need to be somewhere I could hire some kit as I don't have anything usable in waves really.


Added by RiccardoG on 01/11/08

I would join the party to Capo Verde. Would need to rent the kit also. One thing though, I am not really wave proficient. Any advice on whether this is an ok place to get up the curve or would it be a suicide mission?

Added by beth on 02/11/08

Sounds like we could get a good crew out there. There is plenty of top quality rental kit from Angulo's centre associated with the Sab Sab hotel. Most of the other hotels also have rental kit available - and it's all top quality.

The Sab Sab is a basic hotel, but reasonably priced. There are much nicer ones down the beach and there are also much cheaper ones that are a distance from the windsurfing. I think it's a good compromise and it is in probably the best location. It has a swimming pool and ok food.

Right in front of the hotel is bump and jump sailing. There is a bit of a beach break at times, but it can be avoided if you can't handle it. On some days there is a point break down wind a short distance, called Pt Leme. It is the location for beginners to waves.

For people with wave experience there is a break a 20 minute drive away called Calleta Fundai. It is probably one of the best breaks I have ever sailed. It is a bit tricky, but unlike Punta Preta it doesn't have the gnarly beach pound to deal with. The consequences of screwing up are not as bad as Punta Preta either.

Then of course there is Punta Preta - which we've all seen in videos. I do not recommend this for any non-advanced wave sailor. It's a perfect wave, but the consequences are dire if you screw up. For the real adventurous there us Ali Baba's and Curral Joul. I haven't sailed there, but Michael surfed Ali Baba's and enjoyed it.

Prices for flights depend on timing - if we avoid school half term we should be able to get a flight 550-600. Taking kit on the plane is a little tricky but possible. I'm looking at the last week in February - I can only stay a week - but others are welcome to stay longer.

I think some of the windsurf instructors are giving lessons there if anyone is interested. I can also help with some wavesailing hints.

Added by johng on 02/11/08

Wow, sounds marv - check out www.planetwindsurf.com/destinations/sal/windsurfin which is some info on the Club Mistral there - something for everyone as you say Beth. I'm almost excited - new place! Guess we'd have to work on what week or weeks now - when's half term??

UPDATE: TUI doing flights 23 Feb (a Mon) to 9 Mar (Mon) 378!! Anyone interested?

Added by Duncan on 02/11/08

Dates work for me John. Anywhere near a hire centre that's not too expensive would be great. Club Mistral as a preference as I know what I'll get.



Added by beth on 03/11/08

Just spoke to PlanetWindsurf. They can get us flights and room for one week at Sab Sab for 820 or at the Djabsal for 530$ each. This would be leaving on Feb 23-March2. I will check into the apartment option for Sab Sab as well - that works better for me being the only woman of the group.

Club Mistral has instructors, rental kit and will move you around the island if you need it.

Just spoke to them again - the price for two weeks is not a whole lot more at the Djadsal hotel - which looks reasonable. The prices are based on two people sharing a room - I don't suppose one of you guys would share a room with me - I promise not to snore.

Added by Genevieve on 08/11/08

I want to come and celebrate my 'round birthday' in suitable wind/wave style- the big 40 ! We are just organising some grandparent power to fit these dates so I can escape. As with M, J will be minding the boys with gp power.

Added by gmjones on 09/11/08

I'm totally up for this - esp. TUI flights very reasonably priced, thanks John. Would definately be looking for some reasonable wave spots, though maybe not too heavy. Please keep me posted gmjones@whitleylake.co.uk as I'd need to book holidays before end of this year if possible. Sounds great!!

BTW, anyone else going along to the Cribby wave sailing course in Sicily 10-14 Dec???

Added by beth on 19/11/08

Ok - all of you still interested in this trip please contact me. The price is still 550/wk at the Djadsal with flight included. The flights are booking up so we need to move on these soon. Feb 23-March2 Mon-Mon on Thompson air. They are pretty good about taking windsurfing kit.

Please let me know.


Added by RiccardoG on 19/11/08

can you remind me of the period/dates for this trip?

Added by Duncan on 27/11/08

Lets get some action!!

There's a story on the Boards website about the new Club Mistral centre that's opened in front of the Sab Sab hotel!! Windsurfing only, no kites.

TUI still doing flights for 338 for a week 23rd Feb to 2nd March.

Anyone know cost of hotel/hire?

Who says lets do it?


Added by Duncan on 27/11/08

Story on Boards website about new Mistral Centre in front of the Sab Sab hotel!

TUI flights still 338 - 23/2 - 2/3

Anyone know hotel/hire costs.

Shall we do this?