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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

windy and wavey weekend

Started by Started by: beth
Looks like both days are promising wind and waves any one up for Hayling, Kimmeridge...

Last updated: 06/11/08 17:19 By: beth
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Added by johng on 06/11/08

Heading for Cornwall this weekend - looks like it could be upsettingly large in the Gwithian area, anyone heading that way?? Kiwi Stephen, you mentioned something like that on some interweb place or other...

Added by gmjones on 06/11/08

Kimmeridge sounds like a good bet for Sunday. If anyone's considering heading out that way please text me 07757 024368.

Added by Robert W-S on 06/11/08

Hi Y'all I'll be heading down! L'll consider Kimmeridge if there is a possy goin'.

Added by rogerta on 06/11/08

Probably head for Avon. Not being an expert on Kimmeridge, not sure how good it will be in a southerly??

If its Avon, in order to catch any swell, high tide is around 8am so its either a very early sail or wait until late afternoon when the tide will be on the push again - favour the early session.

Added by mikep on 07/11/08

Based on current forecast will likely sail Pagham on Sat as looking like its got quite a bit of S in it. Low tide 12:37 GMT, neaps and cross on; so less of a tidal rip. Thinking of on on water for ~10, and another session in the afternoon.

Sun looking good for X-Church I think (?), so maybe head there after Paggers. But K-Bay also an option if looking good.

[struggling with concept of long drive to Cornwall and risk of getting skunked...]


Added by gazmille on 07/11/08

Half a dozen of us going to Hayling tomorrow, meeting at half ten by black 4x4 at the far end of beachlands. Forecast looks great!

Added by Juliew on 07/11/08

Looks like another really good weekend that I am going to miss!! I hope you all have a great time! Hopefully I will be injury free and be able to join you all back on the water soon!

Added by Carl on 07/11/08

We'll be down with the Avon contingent, actually intending to make it out of bed and down there early this time. (Selling the van so need to get prime advertising spot in the car park.)

Added by beth on 07/11/08

I think we'll do Pagham Saturday morning before low tide. Then I think we'll try Avon beach on Sunday- as we have never been there before - we may end up going to Kimmeridge. Don't realyy know how to get to Avon.

Will check the forecast again tonight and if there is enough west in it we're off the Kbay. I do love that place

Added by mikep on 07/11/08

Web:Link to Avon Beach Caff

Beth - Postcode for avon beach cafe is BH23 4AN, which is at far end of car park. Check it out on google maps. See link above.

You normally need a quid in change to pay the guy at the hut; but guess may be out of season so free parking.

See you @ Paggers tomorrow probably...


Added by Genevieve on 08/11/08

we have grandparent power this weekend and are coming to pagham, then maybe hayling if it is SW. I am not so keen on southerlies at Hayling as I am not too good at weaving in tight traffic lanes, and generally ignorant (or more appropriately, negligent) at the traffic rules. Hopefully if I have the energy, we will get sunday in as well! :) That would double the number of days sailing for me this year!!!! [that should get the mathematicians solving that one! (sad but true)]

Added by Andrew on 08/11/08

Have fun at Hayling Genevieve. That reminds me, I forgot to add a diary entry for one of the best sails I had - Hayling, southerly and very windy. BUT it was monday morning, so there was only two of us out. The southerly seemed to clean up the Hayling mush.