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Cape Verde

Started by Started by: Duncan
For some reason I can add to the other thread so thought I'd try a new one!

Boards online has an artical about the new Mistral Centre in front of the Sab Sab hotel!

TUI flights still 338 - 23/2 - 2/3.

Anyone know cost of hotel/hire?

Shall we do this?


Last updated: 27/11/08 21:28 By: Duncan
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Added by beth on 30/11/08

Let's do it - I'm thinking Djadsal for a week through Planet Windsurf. The whole thing with flight is 550.

Let's go...


Added by roypalmer on 02/12/08

By enormous fluke, I've already booked to go to Cape Verde 23rd Feb to 2nd March! So if you do book it, I look forward to seeing you out there! Im staying at the Morabeza hotel; not the cheapest option but sounds good. Have booked the board with Club Mistral; an advantage with them is that with 1 'voucher' you can sail at 2 centres; its 200 Euros for a week's hire.

Added by johng on 03/12/08

Right. I want to go, I have money and time! However, I was kinda hoping to share with someone to avoid the single penalty. Dates, 2 weeks 23 Feb - 2 Mar or whatever happens to be the standard offering for beginning/end dates. Planning to use Planet Windsurf, rather than self-booking, and probably the Djabsal or whatever the name is that Beth found - good but not too expensive. However, still open to other suggestions.

So, Graham and Adam, or Duncan if you haven't already got sorted - are you likely to come? Let me know ASAP. Cheers

Added by RiccardoG on 03/12/08

As mentioned to Beth, I am having some issues with work and can not plan so far ahead at the
moment (I don't know what I will be doing), so can not join for now. I have not given up yet though and perhaps will be able to book at a later stage if still spaces.

In the meantime I am going there for new year (from earlier planning) so should be able to give you some feedback

Added by beth on 07/12/08

Well folks it looks like we have a posse...John, Duncan, Graham, Adam, Beth, Genevieve. I will buy tickets on Monday afternoon from Planet windsurf at the Djadsal. Leave Feb 23-mar 2. Please let me know if I can include you in a package to see if we can get a better deal.

It would be great if you could call me.

Should be a great adventure.

Added by Kiwi Steve on 08/12/08

I've been toying about the idea bit it's looking probable I'll be going to NZ for a work trip around those dates.....

It's going to be a good trip! You'll just have missed the PWA event which is Feb 14-21,

Last updated: 09/12/08 00:26 By: Kiwi Steve

Added by johng on 09/12/08

OK - John and Adam have booked :) two weeks, 23/2 - 9/3. Not got any boards sorted yet, but we'll rent. If we're thinking about moving around then Angulo looks best. Mistral doesn't even mention wave boards... 784 for flight/Djadsal B&B, boards 300 for 2 weeks, slightly less from Angulo cos they quote in EUR :)

Added by beth on 09/01/09

All of you going to Cape Verde. There are no vaccinations required, but they do warn you about cholera and typhoid - this means be very careful what you eat and drink. Drink only purified water or copious amounts of alcohol.

Also be sure to book your visas as it's a real pain in the neck at the airport. To book the visas go to Thompson Air website. I think it's around 20

Be sure to take first aid stuff as it is in limited supply. Especially - new skin for blisters, needles for sea urchins, antibacterial for cuts, plasters, and so on... of course sun block.

Added by johng on 09/01/09

The Thompson web site says, in respect of visas:

Flight Only Customers (i.e. everyone who hasn't booked a Thompson package e.g. those booked thru Planet Windsurf)

If you have booked a Flight Only with Thomson Airways, or are on a package with another tour operator, the cost of your entry visa is not included. You must pay for your entry visa on arrival in the Cape Verde Islands, and should not apply online via the Thomson website. Entry visas can be paid in cash at passport control at a cost of 25? per person.

Added by beth on 10/01/09

Thanks for pointing out that you can't get your visa on Thompson website John - however if you possibly can get it before you get to the airport. The queue at the airport last time I went was 2 hours long!

Added by johng on 10/01/09

Well, unless we get over to Rotterdam, where the closest CV visa-issuing consulate is, or submit our passports to the services of a visa-getting company, it looks like the two hour delay is a given. I'm not sure I'm really into letting my passport out of my sight with only a few weeks to go, not to speak of the possibility of urgent work travel.

So maybe we just pack a thicker book and a pack of cards!