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Surf shops in the Southampton area

Started by Started by: Gusdor
Mt first post, awesome, and hi.

Long story short, moved to Southampton a few months ago and I'm getting a little frustrated at not being able to find a local shop. Does anyone know if there is one around?


Last updated: 17/01/09 09:34 By: Gusdor
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Added by Genevieve on 21/01/09


This one isn't too far away

Added by Genevieve on 21/01/09


closer still - we call him specialised bob

Added by mikep on 21/01/09

try google and let your fingers do the dialling...

Added by Genevieve on 03/02/09

Specialised Sailing (Give OMWC a discount) in Fawley and Solent Sailboards in Calshot.