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New, Old Members!

Started by Started by: ChristopherW
Hello all, Having been members for years, due to prodigious baby production (4) we have been unable to come to any events. Now however 2 have flown the nest and the remaining 2 are rapidly getting into the sport.. boys 13 and 11. We really are hoping that this year we can join in fully. We have tooled up with a camper van and trailer for all the kit and are raring to go! We were wondering if there are any other teenagers in the group? Also is there a list of recommended camp sites for the venues? We look forward to meeting up with you all this season.
Chris, Jacqui, Joseph and Ben Warren

Last updated: 19/01/09 22:19 By: ChristopherW
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Added by beth on 20/01/09

Hello Chris -

Welcome back! To start the year off right why don't you come to the windsurfing party on Jan 31st. You can meet a few of the people involved and maybe get some help on places to stay and so on.

See you there