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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2009 AGM

Date Date: 31/01/09
Rating OMWC Rating: 4 star rating
The 2009 AGM will take place at Seacourt Squash Club, on Hayling Island, at 6pm on 31/01/09.


1. Minutes of 2008 AGM
2. Annual Report from each committee member
3. Annual subscription rates for 2009
4. Committee Posts
5. Discussion with members / AOB

Chairman's report

This was the year of heralded change, with the club moved online and membership made free. These were the final stages of the streamlined club format that the previous committee prepared to reduce the burden on volunteer organisers, from their hefty and loftier roles.

The principal focus of the club is now the website, which was modernised by Andrew, and is kept funky with his regular maintenance; event reports and event schedules and all forums for discussion are all occurring via this communication point (no hard copy or snailmail any more, great for the trees and the environment, except maybe for the 'googlefootprint';). Membership was free this year, (or am I repeating myself?), and members enrolled themselves via the web; the contact details required are limited and so only email contact is possible, with the membership secretary work all self-service; agreed actions were to minimise expenditure, given the free membership (definitely some repetition here), and so little work has needed to be done in the accounting section by the Treasurer Nuala (the key expenses remain the insurance premium and website); we had thought we might do an annual magazine but have mothballed this idea for now as the web seems to be sufficient material. Stephen got some great coverage for the club in the windsurfing magazines, focussing on the new free membership (yes, again).The two central roles with action have been the Webmaster (Andrew, sometimes John) and the Events (Beth). Both of whom have been cheerfully toiling away doing lots and lots to keep the gears of the club well oiled and the windsurfing happening. The chairperson has really taken a seat on the sofa.

The events have been fun and mostly joined by members with very few big gaps, and mostly hosted at the usual locations. The members seem to have enjoyed their new self-controlled magazine (the web takes on any photos and stories they place about their windsurfing or club events, within reasonable limits). We had an outrageously windy summer!!! And a really warm and windy early December.

Some questions: So far, the committee are willing to continue unless there are strong specific complaints combined with alternative volunteers. Are there any? Also, the plan is to keep membership free for now (oops, there it is again) any objections, in which case should it be a token rate, such as 10, or some higher level? I personally think that perhaps the desired new blood has arrived with the current format, but that also, this is not the economic climate to be raising prices.


Events Secretary's report

Not having been an Event Secretary in the past I can't make a comparison to past years. Most weekends saw great events with only a few without anyone turning up due to lack of wind. Most hosts were old timers, but there were a few adventurous souls who hosted for the first time. It seemed that most venues saw at least one day of wind with members showing up to sail and socialize. Some weekends were epic with big wind, big waves, big numbers of sailors and a whole lot of fun.

Christchurch area seemed to have the largest turnout and I'm wondering if we can get someone from that area to join the committee.

A few changes were made this year - if there was no wind a host could cancel the event or move it. This worked well, but I think only happened twice. It was quite a windy season.

The second change was to combine the windsurfing event with some other event such as a concert, Fatface Festival or a beach clean. While these did have a few participants it was disappointing to see the lack of participation so the combinations may not be repeated. The actual events were great, but the member turn out wasn't that great so maybe we should discuss the usefulness of the combinations. Maybe we need to talk up the events a bit at the AGM/bash to generate more interest.

In particular - I really think a beach clean is necessary to give something back to the sea. We gain so much from our sport and it seems a small thing to ask to spend a few hours cleaning a beach. Discussion on this may be important.

Actually coordinating the events wasn't too difficult - I need feedback if I need to do more.

Feedback about anything else that may be useful - such as windsurfing news, race competition reports...sort of like Boards website. Is anyone interested in this?


Treasurer's report

2008 has been a very quiet year with only a few payments made- mostly insurance and for the website. 155 was made at the Megabash and has been donated to the RNLI. At the current rate of expenditure, the club should run for another 10 years without needing to charge membership. Now I think I understand what I'm doing, I'm happy to continue as Treasurer for another year.

Nuala Porter

Webmaster's report

My first task for 2008 was to show the committee how to use the website, this was completed by March 2008. I'm pleased with the way the other committee members have successfully run the website. After that I took the conscious decision to 'step back a bit', because as the general running of the club becomes more centred on the website, I believe it's very important that the webmaster doesn't run and control the club.

I made some small changes in November, including an improved look and feel. I also moved the site to a new hosting company.

All the stats are extremely good. The number of hits is incredibly high, although it predictably peaks in the summer and dips in the winter. We now have 205 registered users, including 90 new users in 2008. Finally, our Google search ranking continues to improve (we are now top for 'windsurfing clubs';).


Last updated: 31/01/09 10:27 By: Andrew
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