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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Winter MegaBash 2009

Nuala flashes some leg
Host Host: beth
Date Date: 31/01/09
Venue Venue: Hayling Island
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Winter MegaBash 2009 (41)
What a great event...

For a few (like one person!) the day's festivities started with a sail in 6deg water. Ouch.

For the rest of you, the AGM kicked off things more or less on time, reasonably attended and even more reasonably conducted by ChairSurfer Gen. Highlights of the amazingly slick and well-oiled meeting include

- Membership fee - it's FREE again!! Yay!!
- The committee was not found wanting, and returned to power unanimously (just wait till next year)
- Riccardo excelled as the one man focus group and token new member
- We'd like a Summer Bash please
- Membership via the website is 200+, and it's proving a strong proposition
- Every weekend will be windy, sunny and warm

A brief pause, longer than expected because the AGM finished early (a record), and...

Time for the Bash! The evening opened with a swing (pun intended) as the Rocky Horror Show wannabees unwrapped themselves to reveal something on offer for all tastes, mmm, yeah! Pictures are available at the usual blackmail rates.

Talking is one of the best features of an OMWC Megabash, and there was lots of that - the level of noise in the bar was enormous, with the windsurfing videos struggling to compete with the athletic chatting. Good to meet old and new members, talk about the past year, speculate on the new one, and swap stories, drinks and possibly even articles of clothing - maybe we should have offered Duncan something more revealing... Hand-picked members moved amongst the crowd, proffering beautifully hand-lettered copperplate raffle tickets, proclaiming the existence of exorbitant, extravagant and lavish prizes, crowned by a 50 voucher donated by Andy Biggs, windsurfing kit purveyor and generally top retailer. Bash? More of a bazaar...

Ah, the wonders of pre-booked menus - why is it everyone else's item looks better than your own? But ChairStar Gen, urbane in a well-fitting little black dress, was smart enough to head off any incipient ownership punchups by bringing the original choice list, so the couple of spares must have been for the people who didn't show - too bad! Just in case the food wasn't good enough, which it was, the party's competitive spirit was given rein with the team quiz, won by the team with Chris the rocket scientist, which made Duncan happy. And we like it when Duncan's happy.

And the winners are - no, not the Oscars, but OMWC's yearly awards, this time with the addition of the Diary prizes, an excellent new tradition. Unfortunately, most of them appeared to be won by John G (Weekend Warrior, Variety Pack), but Carl (Fluid Dynamics), Andrew (Black Cat) and Duncan (Cheshire Cat) also clocked up some useful entries. The traditional awards went to Adam (Fish Out of Water - you'll have to explain that one Gen), John "that man again" G (Sk'egg of the Year) and Beth&Michael (Host of The Year). Remember, you've gotta be in it to win it, so get down the beach, write those entries, join in! As for the raffle, Mike Tate cleaned up with the Andy Biggs voucher, so it's a good job he's not on the committee any more or the nepotism charges might have stuck...

Finally, the evening broke up reluctantly via the bar. Hawdon Cabs took a party to Bill & Heather's, where further drink was consumed and rubbish talked until 4 a.m., but only after various Boot Show items had changed hands in the car park and The Champ was safely tucked up in bed. G'night buddy, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks to all who organised it, Beth, Gen, Nuala, Andrew, and decorated, set up and generally made it possible. Here's to the 2009 season!

Last updated: 03/02/09 17:16 By: johng
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Added by Andrew on 01/02/09

Brilliant megabash wasn't it ? Thanks Beth for excellent organisation. Hoping to see some of those photos here soon.

Added by Genevieve on 03/02/09

Rocky Horror crew!

Did you mean more like a bazaar or more like bizarre?


Also, great legs Nuala and excellent quizshow hosting!

Thanks also to all the hosts/hostesses for events - please contact Beth if you can offer to host in the 2009 events.

We now look forward to the 2009 sailing season with vigour and excitement, especially the summer party sometime around June/July - STAY TUNED for more details!!!

Finally: don't forget that evidence suggests that regular windsurfing will make you a happier and more fulfilled person, and combining that with a brief tea/beer/glass of wine in the evening with your mates after sailing will extend your life and make it far more enjoyable. And the story about how big the jump was is much more interesting if they were sailing with you and can corroborate.
You know you want to...

Added by Duncan on 03/02/09

Well organised folks - I especially liked the fact it was warm enough for my costume!

Also I'd like to apologise for winning a diary entrty prize, without in fact ever having filled in a diary entry!


Added by Lawrence on 04/02/09

way hey!
Another raffle win - for Audrey this time

.....just want to echo the comments of others - thanks to the organisers of the megabash.

A special thanks to Beth inparticular (& not so much too Nuala.....seeing as she forgot the raffle tickets.......oh, & she didn't make it in time to pick up the Andy Biggs Voucher either ;) ).

Many thanks to Andy Biggs for donating the raffle prize, & to all those that bought tickets - any proceeds going to RNLI is great when you participate in our chosen sport.

Thanks to the venue too - great food & they are very accomodating of us taking over their facilities.....& putting up with Duncan's legs in fishnets.

I'm about to put up some snaps of the evening, but Nuala has asked me to with-hold the juicy ones of her with 'the champ' for fear of legal proceedings against the club (her being head of finance I think she's worried about the out of court settlement) - so until I get written permission from 'the champ' in person (& don't think I have not asked already!) that he will not take legal action, I can't put the saucy pics up.

Added by beth on 06/02/09

You guys definitely know how to enjoy a good party. Let's keep the energy up and host events, attend events... just get out there. I'll be updating the schedule soon and there are a number of weekends without hosts. It's very easy hosting an event and even easier attending one. If you're not careful you might get your photo on the website.

See you on the water....


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