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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Cornwall - easter

Started by Started by: justa799
I'm looking to go on the 6th till the 13th. some old BFA buddies going down.
Anyone good for those dates? Looking to maybe share accomodation?

Last updated: 05/02/09 14:12 By: justa799
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Added by fazza on 05/02/09

Hi Justin
Might be going down to Polzeath which is v near Daymer Bay. Can provide accom for up to 6 so long as its not been booked already - will find out this weekend.

Added by justa799 on 08/03/09

any word on accom - seems to early to be using the van brrr

Added by Juliew on 09/03/09

You need to get a heater for your van!! I have just had an Eberspacher fittted. It's brilliant!!! I was toasty and warm this weekend out in the hills. Luxury!!!

Added by justa799 on 13/03/09

lovely - may risk the van actually - we will see.

You coming?

Added by fazza on 15/03/09

Sorry Justin - been away for a spell. Will get back on the case re accom

Added by justa799 on 16/03/09

no worries, may jsut risk the van as that gives freedom to wander if lacking amenities...

Added by stevieg on 17/03/09

Am planning to go down for the Easter weekend and have booked into the Wheel rodney campsite for 3 nights, Depending on my work situation (or lack of it!) I may well go down early and slum it in my van for a few days beforehand. As haven't been down for a while looking forward to the weekend, anyone else planning to go?

Stevie G

Added by fazza on 18/03/09

Sorry folks - the house is booked over easter thanks to my pesky brother. Some other time

Added by justa799 on 26/03/09

vans rool - get drunk - sleep in van - go sailing - sorted :)

Added by Juliew on 07/04/09

I am going to be sailing at Marazion on Thursday. Anyone else going to be there? Julie