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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

EASTER Cornwall, Gwithian/Marazion 10-13 April

St Michaels Mount, Marazion
Host Host: omwc
Date Date: 10/04/09
Venue Venue: Cornwall
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Rating OMWC Rating: 4 star rating
For an event that hadn't promised much of a showing for a while, in both attendance and weather prospects, it all worked out pretty well. Some started early - Justin and Julie found wind on the Thursday, with rain, and a heavy sesh with Steve down at the newly-discovered Red River Inn in Gwithian to start the weekend. Friday dawned with Caroline, John, Audrey and re-joined member Martin arriving in the sunshine to join the others down on the beach at Gwithian. A bit of surfing, with Caroline discovering the effectiveness of winter wetsuits ("But it's warm!!";) and lots of sun ended with another round or two in the Red River and for the late-niters the re-opening of Sandsifter - nice one guys.

And things didn't change much for the next two days - just lots more sun, surfing in good beginner waves, chilling out, a barbecue, drinks and food at the traditional Fire Engine. No problemo. Adam turned up on the Saturday, going for a bike ride with Audrey on the old railway track that crosses from coast-to-coast (although they didn't!). The nights though were COLD - the Wheal Rodney back field was an icy waste by 2 a.m., with people huddled under 14 duvets, and Steve rediscovering the joys of the hot water bottle from Caroline's example.

But Monday - totally different. Rain overnight with van-rocking wind! Adam was despatched to Marazion, and reported some windsurfing activity, with larger kit in use. But it took John and Martin's example to convert the wannabees into windsurfers, and to get Adam to stop drinking coffee in his shiny new van and get the heck out... Waves, some big surf, 5m or thereabouts sails - people actually had a lot of fun in a gusty SSE, in the shadow of the Mount. The trip ended on a high, with the weekend topped off in such a manner. Excellent!! Roll on Bigbury - see you there!

Last updated: 14/04/09 21:41 By: johng
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Diary for johng at Cornwall on 13/04/09

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:4 star rating
Board:102 litres

Well, finally made it to sail in the UK again! After a weekend of fantastic sunshine and awesomely cold nights (duvet + sleeping bag required!), but no sailing, a day of overcast rain, drizzle and precipitation brought S/SE winds. Following Adam's exploratory visit and report back to the Wheal Rodney basecamp, I trundled over to Marazion, where the rain had scared off the tourists who'd littered everywhere else on the weekend. Adam was still in his shiny new van, with Audrey (the rumours started here, remember) and drinking coffee when Martin and I decided that we'd be a long time dead and should join the assorted windsurfers enjoying the waves and wind.

Sorted out the 102 and 5.5m, added a polypro rash vest as an anti-cold precaution, and off we go... except I tried a jump just before getting out the back and got a bit munched. Steve, Adam et al watching from the shore - eat yer hearts out, cos I was doing it!! Next time restrained myself and was soon zooming along - wow, great to be out and enjoying myself. Some big swell and stronger wind out by the Long Rock bit, lighter wind in the shadow of the Mount. Had a great play for maybe 1.5 hours, then got hungry so stopped. Yay! Adam was of course just about to go out - later consultation revealed he had a great time. Martin also reported a good time in the surf, he was a bit underpowered on a 5 and didn't want to risk his 6+.

Big thanks to Steve for hosting, seemed like everyone had a good time. Good weather, beer and food, and even a good sail! Marv.

Added by Genevieve on 15/04/09

Glad to hear that Cornwall is still rocking the vans! and supplying the windsurfing and surfing goods, as usual.
We are having teething problems but our test-trip to Bristol went ok, so we look forward to Bigbury!!!

Added by beth on 17/04/09

sounds like Cornwall finally showed some action at Easter...sorry we didn't make it...we got a last minute flight to Lanzarote as the forecast looked excellent....

Last updated: 21/04/09 10:05 By: beth