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Great real time weather sites

Started by Started by: rogerta
These are real time weather sites with anemometer readings direct from the sailing clubs at Hill head and Lee on Solent. Updated every 3 secs although Lee on Solent seemed to be stuck on 14.8 knots when I looked - maybe its just a really consistent breeze at LoS!

www.ivegotwind.weatherflash.co.uk/ - Lee on Solent
www.ivegotwind.weatherflash.co.uk/hhsc/ - Hillhead

Last updated: 02/05/09 13:42 By: rogerta
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Added by jonathan on 08/05/09

Here's another helpful site...


I like the fact that it shows all the Solent weather buoys on one page so you can easily spot a rogue reading!

Added by rogerta on 09/05/09

Top site - good find!