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Hayling weekend

Started by Started by: szladob
I am still learning about the tides and locations relative to that :)
Is the EasyTide Prediction website not correct for Hayling? It predicts the high tide on Saturday for 16:10 instead of 17:24 on Chimet...
Is the rule two hours either side of the low/high tide applicable? And if yes, does this mean that the seafront won't be good after 11:33? Would it be Esso beach in the afternoon, or still seafront?
Sorry for such elementary questions! :)

Last updated: 13/05/09 13:25 By: szladob
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Added by Andrew on 13/05/09

Easy tide prediction is GMT, it has to be adjusted for daylight saving (painful), which makes it 17:10.

I usually reckon the seafront is not sailable 1 hour before and 2 hours after high tide, so it should be fine up to 16:10, but it's neaps and there isn't much wind or swell, so it will probably be ok all afternoon, and anyway there will be others looking out for you, that's the beauty of sailing with the club.

Added by beth on 13/05/09

Hayling is sailable at any tide unless there is a bit of wind swell. If there is any wind swell then you must either swim out beyond the shore pound or not sail around high tide. This coming weekend is not forecasting much wind or swell so there shouldn't be much problem with a shore break.

Added by szladob on 13/05/09

Thanks! That is really helpful! Significant change in the wind prediction just looking now! I guess when they change it so frequently, it means it is not really predictable at the moment :)

Added by Genevieve on 18/05/09

Well, to be completely honest, predictions remain just that and you are best off testing the conditions at the beach and on the water with your own eyes, ears and brainwaves for any final information/confirmations! We hope you went sailing!

Added by Genevieve on 18/05/09

PS yes, if the shorebreak is beyond your own assessment of what you want to try, then Esso Beach is better, but it is muddy and needs boots for the walk if the tide is not high.

Added by szladob on 18/05/09

Dear Genevieve! Thanks for your advice and question! I ended up with a combination of needing to work over the weekend, and chickening out from the force 6-7 wind... I would have come with a 130L board, and seeing what you all were on, I think that wasn't a bad decision.. I am also trying to regain my confidence after my shoulder dislocation, so I am seeking more gentle conditions first! :) Best, Balazs

Added by Genevieve on 03/06/09

Hi Balazs - have you been out yet? Some nice seabeeze would be the perfect cure for the confidence - it certainly has helped me to regain my confidence to get out in some force 3-4 and check my skills and gear before trying the more fundamentally windy days. When I dislocated my shoulder that was the same cure I used then. Hope to see you sailing soon!

Added by szladob on 26/06/09

Dear Genevieve! Thanks for your advice! I just arrived back from Alacati, had a great holiday there, and my shoulder was holding up quite well. Do you think there would be any seabreaze this weekend, or that is not something that can be predicted? I would love to come down to Hayling this weekend, at least for Saturday! Best, Balazs