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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

kiddies picnic this sat at calshot

Started by Started by: nuporter
Hi to all you kiddies out there (and I mean the under 12's rather than young minded adults!!).
Are you coming to Calshot on Sat and want to join in with a big picnic?
If so- get your parents to reply to this asap and we can organise a 'bring something savoury/sweet to share' picnic for about 5pm on Sat afternoon.
I think there are at least 10 children coming on Sat.
We'll also need rugs/blankets, plastic plates, cups and wet wipes- prob best if families provide these for their own children.
Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sat

Nuala xx

ps- Ive also planned a simple mountain bike route just in case there is no wind

Last updated: 01/07/09 22:48 By: nuporter
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Added by Shef on 01/07/09

That sounds great Nuala, our two (Rory & Iona) will be up for that.

Added by jonathan on 02/07/09


I'll try and be there, although if it is windy I might need to drag Daddy off the water
See you on Saturday

Nayra Lovell

Added by Carolyn on 02/07/09

Thanks Nuala, Great idea. Peter and Robert are bound to want to join in, if food is involved, although Peter may need to be restrained from eating everyone else's share. He will probably expect to be picnicing all day anyway - and Robert too, provided it doesn't involve anything too healthy or too filling, Cheers, Gary, Carolyn, Peter and Robert

Added by nuporter on 02/07/09

Ace- if everyone brings a savoury and a sweet item then we should have plenty - (and enough for Peter- plus my son Finian who also manages to snack all day avoiding vegetables!!). If we could aim for one of either the savoury or sweet items from each family to be healthy (eg fruit) then we should get a balance - obviously the unhealthy food will go first!!
If any other kiddies want to join in- just bring a savoury and sweet item to share.
See you all on Sat- fingers crossed for some wind
Nuala xx

Added by Jude on 02/07/09

I'm sure Ollie would like to join in, although he's a total fuss pot with food (unless there's chocolate available of course) ;)
See you Saturday