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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Camber Sands cancelled - Poole option on Sunday 12th July

Started by Started by: Alison M
As you are aware I am not able to host Camber Sands this weekend. Adrian has kindly suggested that he will be at Poole on Sunday. Also in the afternoon Guy Cribb has organised a blast from Poole to Mudeford (only 10 miles) with transport laid on to get us all back. You need to email him if interested @

Sounds like fun



Last updated: 11/07/09 09:16 By: Alison M
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Added by johng on 14/07/09

Did anyone go to Camber this weekend? That would be a bit ironic - we cancel and people turn up!! Perhaps we should do it more often in that case!

Added by Alison M on 15/07/09

John, No-one contacted me this weekend at all.

Added by MartinJ on 22/07/09

Did people see the negative comments on the Boards website, suggesting Ocean Motion members had caused problems? Seemed odd to me given the cancellation.

Krafty's post - www.boards.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp

Added by Alison M on 22/07/09

Martin, don't know what the point is that you are making? I was not able to host Camber Sands - posted months ago. Adrian kindly suggested an alternative - people advised to contact Guy Cribb re arrangements. There is nothing odd about that. What constructive suggestion do you propose as the way forward? I note that you did not volunteer to host Camber Sands, which would have been helpful. Alison

Added by MartinJ on 22/07/09

Alison, I was just concerned by the strongly worded comments on the Boards forum. It seemed unfair (and odd) to me that Ocean Motion was being blamed for causing problems when the visit was canceled and presumably no-one from Ocean Motion was there. I didn't intend any criticism: sorry if it came across that way.

Added by rogerta on 23/07/09

This is the note on the Boards forum, although we certainly don't want to start an arguement with some numpty on the Boards forum, does someone (Gen as chair?) want to respond to this because as Martin quite rightly intimates, this is potentially quite damaging. You might want to absolutely confirm no-one from OMWC was sailing there though first - he's got our name from somewhere:

"Massive mention to Ocean Motion ... you lot rocked up without permission to sail there, then promptly sailed in the swimming area. There were complaints and you could well end up getting all the local windsurfers banned from the beach. A little bit of common sense, ie the learners could have sailed at Rye lake just down the road. The rest of you could have made the effort to contact the coast guard office to pre-warn them of your plans, that way they would have ensure you knew the concessionary situation, and the rules of where you can and cannot windsurf.
Other than the time spent trying to smooth over a fraught situation, it was a classic Camber session ... f*cking great.
Quality session ..... though if muppets continue to try and ruin our access rights, there might see a rise in localism similar to surf spots.
Officially, as of today, and thanks to the less considerate windsurfers, access to Las Dunas & Little Maui is restricted. "

Added by Alison M on 25/07/09

Roger, I reported it to the Boards Forum as being false and containing offensive language. If you look at the Boards Forum, you will see that it has been removed.

Added by rogerta on 25/07/09

OK thanks. Kiwi Steve - international diplomat in his spare time - looks like he's doing a good job of calming the situation down as well...

"It's all Shingleshire to me and you POMS look much the same to me as well - except in Kent where they have webbed fingers, a third eye, a special extra nipple and sail longboards"

Not sure who Krafty thinks he is though (see below) - official apology - official apology to who???

"if it's being spread about that it's OMWC then it's best they hear about it and can perhaps make an official apology for any mistaken identity tarnishing their name."

Added by Alison M on 26/07/09

Roger, Cannot see the "apology" on Boards, can you send me the link. As the complainant, I may wish to refer this to Boards. Alison

Added by rogerta on 26/07/09


Good idea - here's the link www.boards.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp

I can't respond to this as I'm not a Boards subscriber but what I'd like to see is Krafty put out an apology for implicating OMWC like this. When you respond to Boards can you make this point to them - that we (OMWC) would like to see this apology on the forum. As a club we take access rights extremely seriously and in fact are actively lobbying against the access rights at K-Bay and Gwithian. Also can you request Boards to get Krafty to outline some of the current issues at Camber so that everyone knows what the situation is for the future.

Added by johng on 26/07/09

Hi guys. I'm not entirely sure that pursuing individuals is especially helpful in this case. None of the people participating in this forum exchange were there, and none of the committee were there either. Krafty was, and for what it's worth, apparently someone did claim to be from OMWC. That person hasn't declared themselves either, so it's extremely unlikely that we'll ever find out who that was, especially after this low-key, calm and rational discussion (sic)! Yeah, I'm not happy that some people think that "OMWC" (whatever that is) might behave irresponsibly, but there's not a lot we can do at this point - I very much doubt Krafty is going to apologise, any more than we are. His tone is more conciliatory as the Boards forum exchange proceeds and he cools down from the initial fury about possibly losing access to his favourite spot. It would have been interesting to see what the outcome would have been if someone had attempted to claim on the club insurance! Let's leave it, and make sure that the Camber info, whatever it is, is on our location database as well.

Added by mikep on 26/07/09

This is all getting a bit boring and tenuous now. I gather the original thread on boards has been deleted. Suggest that the matter is left to the omwc committee to deal with as appropriate, and the rest of us move on and forget about it.

Added by rogerta on 26/07/09

John - do you not thinks its at least worth while seeking an apology - even if its simply to make a point. I don't think we can definitely state there were not any OMWC members there, however Krafty has made a huge jump (and incorrectly) in his assumption that the inconsiderate windsurfers on the beach were all from OMWC. Just looking at the forum contributers, it looks fairly widespread ie. not just Camber. Its surprising how quickly this sort of negative message can get around the beaches.

Added by rogerta on 26/07/09

Fair point Mike - these type of people just get on my wick a little bit - making assertions to wide audiences without any founding - I'm going sailing!!

Added by Alison M on 26/07/09

I agree with Mike. Now that I have had the opportunity to look at the context of the comments that Krafty made, it is best left to the committee to consider the next step. The original offending comments have been removed and any further dialogue with this follower of Onan, would be unproductive.