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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

IOW Windsurfing?!

Started by Started by: Crockyt
I've recently moved to Cowes. I"m wondering if anyone can help me find some good spots to head to when the wind howls!!
I'm a competent windsurfer and am happy plaining in the straps, just starting to get into waves and jumps.
Any input would be most grateful.

Last updated: 02/08/09 15:04 By: Crockyt
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Added by iangallen on 02/08/09

Hi, I'm in a similar position, I'm looking for great spots on the south coast. Let me know when you get some good information, and I'd happily try to met up for a blast

Added by markh on 02/08/09

Hi Ian & Crocky,
I've been doing some work over on the Island a few days every month and have managed to get out a few times though mostly during periods of little or no swell, except last week when I got out off the beach at Ventnor. It is prone to a bit of a shoredump but at least there is a beach to launch from unlike some of the other spots such as Niton. I understand Ventnor can shape up quite nicely but it was very lumpy when I went out - the holidaymakers enjoyed watching the lone madman out there though!

Otherwise you're far more likely to bump into other windsurfers at places like Yaverland which stays fairly flat and is good for a SW - just watch out for a long pipe off the beach at low to mid tide - if in doubt ask someone else as it's a real fin breaker.

I don't know any others just yet but have heard good things of Brook.

There are some write-ups at www.bigsalty.co.uk/beach_guide.php or else just call Aaron Williams shop (brother of Ross Williams) who's the main local hotshot.

May be see you out there!



Added by Crockyt on 12/08/09

Does anyone windsurf at Gurnard. I've seen a few out but always fearful of tide!!
Yaverland I've heard is good but can't be bothered to drive all that way.
Common OMWC get some venues on the Island and bring the people together!!

Added by johng on 12/08/09

Hey, I'd love to try out the IoW, maybe we need to sort the crazy ferry fares, since there's no way I'm walking my gear on/off the boat!

Did you try Aaron Williams shop, as Mark suggested? I'm sure they'd be able to comment on Gurnard - then we can add it to the venues list and you can write it up in your diary...

Added by Crockyt on 12/08/09

I've had a chat with Aaron at his stand at Cowes week. He said Yaverland was good, so was Gurnard but be wary of the Tides. He recommended quite a few spots for all sorts of conditions. Seems like there's alot of offer if your local and know where to be when.

Added by steve d on 12/08/09

Re: crazy van prices.... I just checked about taking my Peugeot Partner van over for this weekend ( a friend of mine lives at Seaview - excellent in Easterlies and Northelies ) and Wightlink wanted to charge 127.26 return !!!!! That's not crazy, it's criminal.

Added by johng on 12/08/09

"My goodness me" is the only printable response I have to that... Apologies to all those frustrated OMWC members stuck on the island, but I would have a problem with paying that for a weekend, and I've got a T4, so doubtless more!

Added by Crockyt on 12/08/09

Well it's true that pound per mile the Solent is the most expensive bit of water to cross in the world. Certainly for a weekend it makes little to no financial sense.
But as we all know the best winds and not always associated with the nice summer highs we are experiencing presently, and ferry prices drop considerably once the weather turns.

Alternatively rig and launch at Calshot only a 20minute crossing and it's free, and I'll see you in the pub!!