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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Level 1/2 Improver kit for sale - bargain

Started by Started by: Alison M
The following, which would be an ideal Level 1 & 2 Improver kit to get you planing:

1 JP Freeride board, 160 litre, Length 280cm, width 74cm [condition some minor surface repairs] with cover

2 Sails:
Craze 5.2 metre sail in very good condition
Zeta 4.0 metre sail - not uber trendy but in good condition

1 Naish Freeride [150-200 cm] boom in good condition

1 Lance mast (in two parts) 430 cm, weight 2.6kg

1 Ladies Da Kline Hawaii Nexus Harness (large)

Bargain: 210 the lot.

Contact me if you are interested

Last updated: 04/08/09 18:16 By: Alison M
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Added by emma on 05/08/09

Hi Alison,

I've got a mate who's interested. Where are you living these days? Near Blackheath somewhere isn't it?


Added by Alison M on 05/08/09

Emma, Yes a couple of miles from Blackheath in Plumstead.

Added by emma on 06/08/09

can you call me please Alison? Number is 07742 326 448.

Added by gazmille on 07/08/09

Alison I have a friend who is desperate for the kit and I can virtually buy it over the phone for her can you call me on 07702 026199 and let me know if you've sold it, I thought that I put a message up the day that you advertised it but now see that it hasn't come up on the posts. Me thinks a bidding war could occur if you haven't sold it yet!


Gary Miller