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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Back issue of Boards

Started by Started by: rogerta
Does anyone have a copy of Boards Magazine March 2006. I am trying to get hold of the article "Which Van?".

Last updated: 11/08/09 09:36 By: rogerta
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Added by jonathan on 11/08/09

you are not going to believe this but I threw out 10 years' worth of Windsurf and Boards last week - including the article in question.
Sorry Roger - that's what comes of making space for Nayra's toys!

Added by johng on 11/08/09

Hi Rog, bound to have that issue, I'll dig it out and send you a scan. Just don't hold yer breath!

Added by Carl on 11/08/09

Sorry Roger, I did the same as Jonathan and threw all mine out too.

If you just want to carry your kit to the beach and drive something that feels almost like a car (only more comfortable) then I don't think you can go wrong with a T4 /T5. Look at any windsurf beach and that's what most of them are, they can't all be wrong. If, on the other hand, you're also planing on spending a lot of time in it camping with the family then it might be worth looking at something bigger.

Added by garibaldi on 11/08/09


Following on from Carl's comments, if you're looking for something slightly bigger don't forget the humble Tranny.
Ours may be getting a bit old now but still 'does what it says on the tin'.

Both Roger Rudling & Nuala & family have the more 'sexy' latest models.

Hope this helps

Added by MattNash on 11/08/09

Hi yes I've got it here and you're welcome I just need to know where to send it!- and ps I bought a Delica on the strength of the review- so feedback if anyone's interested- (I haven't actually met any of you guys yet so might see you soon)

Added by johng on 11/08/09

OK, scanned, copyright violated, emailed...

Added by rogerta on 11/08/09

John G sent it through so no need to continue emptying the contents of your loft/shed/garage/van trying to find it!!

Many thanks for everyone's comments - food for thought definitely. At the end of the day its going to be a compromise as it needs to serve as my week day car as well as family camping/windsurfing bus - bit of a tall order I know.

Added by johng on 11/08/09

No no, don't stop emptying your MSF (magazine storage facility) on my or Roger's behalf - you know it needs tidying out anyway! And there are so many good articles you'll be distracted by - I only spent 5 minutes looking and I found a couple, plus a couple of notebooks from work I'd not seen for a long time. So venture on...

T5 with side windows and row of seats, Rog, anything else is a cop-out, unless it's a T4 with the same set-up. And the biggest engine you can get ;)

Added by steve d on 11/08/09

Boards, 2006 !! Far to modern. I have a loft full of Boards and Windsurf going back years - some on parchment. Peter Hart is actually shown demonstrating duck tacks in a nappy while a young Dunkerbeck eats ice cream on the beach strapped to a baby walker. The latest mode of windsurf transport is a steam engine with a wooden roof rack and the hight of fashion is a baggy neoprene long john with natty matching Bolero jacket - youngsters today, you don't know you're born.

Added by mikep on 11/08/09

T5 or if you really want to nippy little fecker, go for the Vito Sport X - rear wheel drive, 204BHP and also available an auto, unlike the T5.

Surprised that the resident Kiwi hasn't surfaced pimping his black pimped out Vito. Last seen in a car park in Cambridge...


Added by johng on 11/08/09

Car park in Cambridge?? Makes a change from Worthing...

Added by jonathan on 13/08/09

A new van for Roger?

Roger - how about this van? A nice little runner by the looks of things...

Added by MattNash on 13/08/09

Hi, I bought a delica- it does pretty much what the article says, I can fit in a 144 carve with ease, the seats are very flexible and it will seriously go. Only drawbacks can be in getting parts, engine is essentially a shogun so no problems, but rest more tricky. Acceleration not great and on short journeys fuel is expensive, otherwise great. Oh yes it's high- even taller than a discovery so low carparks or height restrictions can be an issue. Matt