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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Anyone sailed the fake break at Bournemouth yet?

Started by Started by: Genevieve
There is a new man-made reef at Bournemouth and Guy Cribb seems to have tested it in April and it looks pretty nice in the piccies - has anyone go any real-world experience of this fake-break and where to park and launch etc, what wind and tide directions are good, etc?

Roger and Carl - you seem prime candidates - Have you had any action on the fake-break?

Last updated: 12/10/09 17:53 By: Genevieve
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Added by Kiwi Steve on 12/10/09

Hey, a mate of mine has sailed the reef and reckoned it wasn't very good. Too shallow - he was scraping his small twin fins on the bottom when riding the wave! It has a very critical section to hit but it's in a small area and the shoulder is too small to get another turn in. However, he reckons it was ok for jumping with a good run up. There has been some discussion whether the sand might develop over the reef during the winter storms which might change the shape of the wave and make it better for windsurfing.

Added by rogerta on 13/10/09

I'm waiting for some decent winter swells to go down for a surf but Steve has pretty much confirmed what I thought about windsurfing it - too small. Its really a point break rather than creating swell lines associated with a gradually shallowing bottom. They will also peak very quickly just by the nature of the fact the reef pitches up in a very small area.

Added by Carl on 13/10/09

I know a couple of people who have sailed it, but it was still under construction at the time. I think its a case of wait and see if its any good. I'm hoping to give it a go sometime, but as Roger has already said, being the size of a football pitch is a pretty small area to share with all those surfers / kitesurfers canoes and anyone else who wants to try it.

Added by Genevieve on 14/10/09

The Gower looks like it has quite a bit more potential then, judging by your photos!!!

Added by Genevieve on 14/10/09

oh and when are you ready to get back in the water kiwi? I am now in action and hoping Pagham or Bracklesham/Wittering will turn on the magic this weekend.