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Sydney in november - advice

Started by Started by: justa799
hey, off to oz in november - anyone been and/or got any tips on where to go (wind/kitesurfing) avoid or centers over there that hire etc? struggling to find any decent info on net


Last updated: 13/10/09 12:36 By: Andrew
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Added by Genevieve on 14/10/09

Hi Justin - hire isn't very easy to come across, so if you take your gear with you, you are better off. Good spots in Sydney - I am a bit out of date now - but try near the airport (south Sydney) - usually good clean and windy there and a big bay, and there used to be a windsurfing shop there too. (I recall quite a few jellyfish (harmless ones) but just wear a summer wetsuit and you are fine) - I will try to remember the exact spot name. Then northern beaches - Palm beach used to have a hire centre (not on the frontbeach, but on the jetty next to the golf course, near where the seaplane lands), and there is a windsurf shop there near Avalon beach. Narrabeen is good for waves. On the harbour, there was a windsurf shop/hire centre at Mosman and on the beach there.
Quite honestly, it may have all changed, but surfing is bigger there than windsurfing and kitesurfing. But Kitesurfing was just starting when I was last there.

Added by justa799 on 14/10/09

thanks Gen, i was getting the feeling hire would not be so easy, sounds like plenty of choices re beaches, is botany bay anygood?

Added by Mark on 20/10/09

You can hire in sydney from Wind Surf and Snow www.windsurfnsnow.com.au/. You can also hire some beginner from the Balmoral (near mosman) www.sailingschool.com.au/

Here are someusefull links:


Botany Bay is excellent, if you looking for flatwater, its hard to beat. I was there last week.

I usually fly virgin and they have an extra allowance for sports equipment...

Added by Genevieve on 21/10/09

Botany Bay is the airport location. It is pretty reliably windy actually! As it is pretty big, you might need a map to get a more precise launch location. Narrabeen also has a lagoon/lake which people windsurf on.