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Venues for tomorrow...

Started by Started by: Eduardo
Myself and a couple of pals are probably heading to Portland harbour tomorrow (early start - tide getting pretty low about 1pm), or would also be interested in trying Poole, Bramblebush if anyone's going there??

I'm assuming Christchurch will be a little too offshore in a direct westerly?

Last updated: 06/11/09 11:58 By: Eduardo
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Added by rogerta on 06/11/09

Christchurch will be too offshore Eduardo.

Other options on Saturday are Bracklesham which will be cross-on if you fancy some waves.

Sunday looks best though, NE and some major swell being pushed up the channel hitting the south coast Sunday morning - Pagham could be a good option - low tide 0723, high tide 1353. Alternatively surfing at Bournemouth or Avon.

Added by johng on 08/11/09

Who's up for Pagham? Seeing as it's Sunday now and about to veer NE!

Added by Genevieve on 15/11/09

Shall we try Pagham???

Added by johng on 15/11/09

Seeing as it's a week later, why not?? Anything can happen in the spooky quantum-windsurfing world...