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"The outlook remains grim"

Started by Started by: rogerta
Reported in the Times

"The North Atlantic is in upheaval with almost the entire ocean from Newfoundland to Norway a battlefield of deep depressions queueing up to hit the British Isles. This barrage of gales is almost self-generating, churning up cold polar air with warm sub-tropical air in a collision powering the storms. The outlook remains grim: storms well into next month".

Its beautiful ain't it...

Anyone up for an early sail at Hayling tommorow morning (Wed)?

Last updated: 24/11/09 20:22 By: rogerta
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Added by Genevieve on 24/11/09

yeehah! But after an unfortunate monday off only for it to be TOO WINDY , Juan has given up and gone to work. Maybe on Saturday ???

Added by beth on 24/11/09

how about bracklesham - should be good on a westerly

Added by Kiwi Steve on 24/11/09

Looking WSW and windy! I reckon Pagham will be very good option from midday to dusk with low tide at 10:24. Cross-off and riding action after a SSW gale overnight :) I've been sailing there a lot recently and it's been excellent!

Added by rogerta on 24/11/09

BigSalty says best location is Pagham and the Kiwi reckons Pagham - so Pagham it is

Added by beth on 25/11/09

there was a wave that wiped out all memory of waves before....seriously pagham was pretty good, but the highlight was derigging in a hail storm

Added by Kiwi Steve on 25/11/09

Beth - I saw you score some great waves and linking up three bottom turns and top turns! I had to come in and change down to a smaller board and while I was doing that I reckon you scored the best conditions of the day!..and you wanted to sail Bracklesham!?

Added by jonathan on 26/11/09

Looks like wind might be a bit more variable at the weekend so just in case I have taken today off. Am planning a low tide session at Hayling unless anyone else has any better ideas? I'm on xxxxxxxxxx if anyone fancies joining me

Added by rogerta on 27/11/09

Pagham looks good for tomorrow morning (Sat). However it will need to be an early one - High water is 0742 and low water is 1336. I'm aiming to get down for between 8 and 9am.

Added by Kiwi Steve on 27/11/09

I don't know if Pagham will be the best spot on Saturday as the tide on the drop after 9:30am will kill the swell there. A low tide spot like Hayling, Bracks or Shoreham would be a better bet than Pagham on Saturday?

Added by rogerta on 27/11/09

Sorry Steve, you're right, it had just turned by the time we go there.

Added by beth on 27/11/09

It wasn't on the drop it was coming in - that's definitely the best time for waves at Pagham - maybe Bracklesham at midtide

Added by rogerta on 27/11/09

I'm up for Bracklesham then

Added by beth on 28/11/09

AAAh I missed it - I couldn't get out the door in time. How about Sunday morn at Pagham?

Added by rogerta on 28/11/09

Yeah I'm going to try Pagham early doors - 8am - to catch high water