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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2010 AGM

Date Date: 23/01/10
The 2010 AGM will take place at The Inn On The Beach, on Hayling Island, at 6pm on 23/01/10.


1. Minutes of 2009 AGM
2. Annual Report from each committee member
4. Committee Posts
5. Discussion with members / AOB

Chairman's report
Overall - the conclusion is OMWC are doing fine. We are gradually adapting to the 21st century and are not a victim of the banks or recession.

The web is great as the centre of the club. A key question for it - do we want to link to a Facebook Group?

The events have been fun but with irregular attendance and pubnights. The summer party was great and very well attended, as were the long weekends and easter. There are some contentious issues with the regular events - what do we really want ? This will be a key discussion. Generally, the change to more individualised weather from the net means many prefer to decide close to the date and not so many are staying down in the evenings, possibly due to demographic shift.

Subject to discussion, I suggest we continue with free membership and the web as central focus, update the events format to a leaner more tightly focussed series, incorporate the generation X/Y baby-boom needs and keep windsurfing. Mostly, the committee appear willing to continue but would welcome new volunteers

Welcome to the new decade and looking forward to the olympics and the tunnel opening on the A3 at Hindhead...

Events Secretary's report

As Events Secretary I got a bit tired of chasing down hosts so just let the club deal with their own lack of hosting. I posted the days needed to be hosted and a few were filled, there were some that were not and possibly a few people missed these weekends. In any case the events that happened went well and quite often there was a reasonable turn out.
Everyone seemed to enjoy and there was a fairly good turn out for the Summer bash and for last winter bash. I think a repeat of the summer event would be good.
There were a number of weekends that were not organized "events" but people grouped together and had a good time. This again brings about the question about the need to organize weekly events.
The long weekend distant events were popular and had some good condition. I think these should continue.
It is a shame that we can't get more interest in things like the National Windsurf Festival or Speed Week or other such events. A team for the Hayling Island event would be great.
I would like to resign from my post as Event Secretary if there is anyone else who would like to take my place. If no one else wants to step in I will continue.

I propose a change in the event scheduling. If we organize four social events a year and focus on those for social and windsurfing. Then for windsurfing we just have a call around if there is wind scheduled. This way we end up where the wind is best, no one is left stranded at windless events, we still see eachother alot socially. People can also schedule non-windsurfing weekends. We possibly could request Inn on the Beach as a sort of club house for the events or there and some place in Christchurch. If this is not enough events - maybe one scheduled event a month and the rest be call around events.


Treasurer's report

Another quiet year on the Treasurer front- with a few payments made for insurance and the website. We made 170 at the Megabash which has been donated to the RNLI.
Although the accounts balance this year- the income from the megabash doesn't include the paypal payments from the meal- I have recently found out that the money paid into Paypal doesn't get automatically paid into our bank account. This has now been transferred over and will show on next years accounts.
Next year's budget has been based upon the income and expenditure from this year.
With our current level of expenditure, the club should continue to run for at least a further nine years before charging for membership or fundraising.


Webmaster's report

Another incredibly successful year for the website. The stats continue to go up and up. The number of hits rose steadily throughout the year, although predictably they dipped in December. We had 75 new users in 2009.
I made a few changes in March, then a few more in October. All aimed at making the site more of a "social network site". I also added Google adverts, these earn money for the club, although the amounts are small, currently around 3 per month.
As per last year, I have not added much content (pages) myself, leaving this task to other committee members. However, as the website becomes more popular, the day to day maintenance has increased significantly.
I am happy to continue as webmaster next year.


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