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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Winter party

Host Host: beth
Date Date: 23/01/10
Venue Venue: Hayling Island
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Winter party (17)
Ah, the OMWC AGM. That hallowed event, so beloved of the membership! I'm sure Chairperson Gen will present the official report and minutes shortly, but there's room for your views too - comment if you have things to say. As anyone who's ever been to the AGM will know, it's wise not to bet against finances and event planning coming up as contentious topics - like sex and religion, but fortunately before the meal starts! A brief but possibly incomplete summary is "Website marv, Finances liquid for a while yet, Events variable but people enjoyed them, Let's write some articles, Invite some bigwigs as members for publicity purposes". Did I leave anything out??

The big change from recent years was the venue - The Inn on the Beach. Very different from the panelled clubby feeling of the Rackets club, the crisp Scando-stylee decor was an elegant backdrop for the eternal struggle between schedulers and spontenaetists. TIOTB's bar was a good starting place, with OMWCers mixing with "normal" folk blissfully unaware of the titanic struggle shortly to be played out, but we had a private function room, handy for the bar and loos, with TIOTB's friendly staff coping well with our post-AGM table rearrangement and the problem of identifying actual seating positions to match up with tableware!

And Hawaii beckoned...

Five-Oh's Steve "Bill" McGarrett with moll "Kaho'olawe Kate" Mulgrew in tow, and crew "Danno" Dale, "Chin Ho" Connick and Attorney Audrey, arrived fashionably late, joining the summery throng - Bernie "Helen's shorts", Michael and Beth Haw-"Don Ho", with Gen's magnificent dress setting the tone in vivid colours and comfort. Nearly thirty hungry members shimmied and Hula'd themselves into the cunningly engineered seating plan (thanks Big L), and the bunfight began - largely over whose lamb shank (the popular choice) was whose, with the less mainstream choices being easier to claim unchallenged. Fortunately negotiating the starters' distribution had warmed everyone's arbitration skills, so the mains were distributed without too much grief. Drink flowed freely from the excellent choices available, and the banter built over a soundtrack of world-class windsurfing video, courtesy of Steve G, warming us up for...

"Maui" Mike H's challenging Heavenly Hawaii quiz revealed the depths of our ignorance, with only Team DuSi/BiTo and Pineapple Pringeur's Posse putting up a convincing showing. So the first of the awards went to Chiswick's only Maui resident.

Setting the tone for the rest of us, Carl "Beach Bum" Usher, unfortunately unable to make the award ceremony, carried off the Maximum Beach Time trophy with an astounding 156 diary entries. Maybe Duncan should write his up... The Wavesailing Stylist award went to Kiwi Stephen, unfortunately unable to be with us, but making a hungover cameo appearance by phone from his NZ brunch menu. The Skegg of the Year award went to Beth and Michael, richly deserved for their efforts on events and hosting hospitality - all we have to do is rescue the trophy from the engravers...

And so the evening continued into a mellow lock-Inn, good to see old and recent members, catch up with kids and windsurfing plans for the new year, compare resolutions and resolve, wind up your mates, be amazed at the ever-increasing number of beach bums - who's next? See you all on the beach!

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Added by Genevieve on 24/01/10

And Black Cat/Rescue of the year award went to Steve G for his life threatening N Devon adventure, with Mike P taking the Holiday Rep of the year award for his Maui Adventures.

Added by Andrew on 24/01/10

Great party.
Big thanks to Beth, Gen & Nuala for all the hard work you put into organising it.

Added by Martin on 30/01/10

Agree with Andrew - good venue and good night! Thanks for organising, will definitely manage to get down more this year (as I say every year!). Martin.


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