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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Upcoming Articles on the OMWC Website

Started by Started by: johng
A strong interest was expressed at the AGM for some feature articles, like the ones we used to have in the printed magazine, and a deadline for producing them to help the more reluctant or procrastinating.

Here's a starter schedule for 2010 - volunteer below! Please have your material ready by 20th of headline month.

Feb - Re-posted Duncan guru article (saves you Dunc!)
Mar - Lawrence on Vans
Apr - Duncan article
May - Jonathan on something or other
Jun - TBC
Jul - TBC
Aug - TBC
Sep - TBC
Oct - TBC
Nov - TBC
Dec - TBC

Last updated: 07/03/10 07:33 By: johng
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Added by jonathan on 18/02/10

John - I am working on something - should be done by May!

Added by johng on 15/04/10

OK, authors!! My inbox is filled with reminders from Google Calendar about articles to be written, and so far I've received one rehash from Duncan (thanks Dunc...). How are we coming along with these? Lawrence - we'd love to know about vans, and you are the kiddy.

Any action forthcoming?

Added by jonathan on 04/05/10

done mine - where shall I send / post it??

Added by Lawrence on 05/05/10

Done mine too & sent to Johng last night - I'm off the hook ;)

......I now know why I didn't study to become a journalist......can't work to deadlines.......

So what are the articles lined up for the rest of the year???? Any thoughts or ideas of what people would like to see articles on?