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Lake Clearwater, NZ

Lake Clearwater, NZ in a calm moment
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For those of you who can get out there, this spot makes a change from the usual sea/waves/bouncy stuff (like, er, yawn...). Situated on a dirt road about 2 hours from Christchurch, the lake is a popular weekend destination and features a small village of classic NZ "baches" or holiday homes.

Facilities are limited - unless you know someone and can use their bach, it's drive-in/drive-out or camp - there's a campsite available down by the lake edge, with loos available. With no electricity or running water (rainwater is the usual source), bring your own everything, including food. There is a payphone at the top of the site.

Best conditions are in NW or SE, when the wind is funnelled by the surrounding mountains. It can get choppy in a blow, and there are reports of swell building up in some conditions. Otherwise it's flatwater heaven - it's astounding how easy it is to attempt and pull off manoeuvres when there is so little water movement. You'll feel like a star! Be careful however, and watch the cloud and wind closely - the wind can switch direction totally in a few minutes, leaving you you adrift and certainly flattened in a surprise squall if you aren't wary!

Check out the location on Google Maps for more info etc.

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