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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Family windsurfing resorts

Started by Started by: rogerta
Can anyone recommend a good family friendly windsurfing resort? By family friendly I mean activities for children and must have tennis courts.


Last updated: 05/04/10 13:58 By: rogerta
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Added by iangallen on 05/04/10

Hi, Neilson at lesvos and lemnos are great for families, good tennis, bikes and windsufing. I think lwsvos is windier, but neither are huge winds

Added by mikep on 05/04/10

Roger - You should go to Rhosneiger. LoL. Mike.

Added by Duncan on 06/04/10

Try Neilson at Ortakent. Next bay from where the Bitez centre was and a bit smaller than some - only about 130 guests and a really relaxed feel. Usual stuff, windsurfing, dinghys, waterskiing and Wakebaoprding, tennis and bikes. Only one court though. I worker there in 07 and in July, August and September didn't sail on a total of 10 days.

Added by rogerta on 07/04/10

Thanks for that excepting Mike's ridiculous suggestion of Rhosneigr!!!

Added by Andrew on 07/04/10

Not that ridiculous, Rhosneigr has tennis and bowls


Added by jonathan on 08/04/10

Just to complete the Neilson plug - we regularly go to Neilson Dahab. Great creche, windsurfing ,biking and tennis. Don't think there is bowls but there is a giant chess set :)

Added by rogerta on 08/04/10

Are you people being paid by Neilson or something? Apart from Mike and Andrew of course who are paid by the Rhosneigr Tourist Board.

Added by Wylliewoolf on 13/04/10

Soory but another Neilson plug. We haven't found anything else as child friendly, so keep going back. We have tried Ortakent, Vass and Dahab and would recommend any of them