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Started by Started by: beth
does anybody have a decent beginner board they want to sell? Please email me if you do - my 8 yr old is tired of trying to learn on my race board.

Last updated: 11/04/10 21:51 By: beth
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Added by Kev Falck on 12/04/10

Hi Beth
I don't have a board but I do have a couple of old wave sails in small sizes (3.7 & 4.5 ) if they would be of interest? They are old but hardly used much and are pretty bullet-proof.
Kev Falck

Added by beth on 13/04/10

I just need a board. She already has a 1.0, 1.5 and my old 3.0. Possibly a 2.5 would be good.

Added by fazza on 13/04/10

Hi Beth
Ive got a Hi Fly longboard which is about 10yrs old but in good nick. Its quite wide and fine for learning the basics

Added by Pilcher on 14/04/10

Hi Beth,

I have a Mistral childs board with soft deck and a Fanatic 3.0 childs rig - The rig is all sized for a child of about 8 to 12 NOT an adult high wind rig. The Board is pre-wide style but has the added advantage that an adult can use it as a surf board in waves by removing the centre fin.

Added by garibaldi on 15/04/10

If Beth isn't interested, I might be.
How much ?

Added by Pilcher on 15/04/10

Hi Gary,

I've said to Beth that it is in genuine 'as new' condition and I forgot to mention that it has a board bag as well. I'm asking for a resonable offer as I really don't know how much it's worth.