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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Bank Holiday Sailing

Started by Started by: steve d
Hi all. After a severe drought of sailing (October last year !! ) I was looking forward to this weekend but the wind is swinging No'r East. Any suggestions of a half decent spot on the south coast? The Isle of Whight springs to mind but the ferry prices make City bankers look like philanthropists. Anyone got any suggestions / plans ?

Last updated: 29/04/10 08:11 By: steve d
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Added by Crockyt on 29/04/10

Calshot, on the inside is good in a north east. Christchurch harbour can be good assuming the tide is in and the wind is howling. Not sure about further west or east.
I'll be out on the Island side.
See ya on the water.

Added by Carl on 29/04/10

I was almost thinking of hopping across the water to the Island too, but will most likely stop home and sail in Christchurch harbour. Its about as gusty as it gets in a NE but not so bad once your right over the other side by the head. Other options would be Portland harbour, Pagham or anywhere east of Minster in Kent. If you're ever looking for a cheap ferry option, somewhere else worth looking at is Wissant, its about 15mins drive West from Calais and is a seriously windy spot, Windguru's giving it 3 stars for Monday, NE is cross shore looks like being good all week. Given the cold forecast I'm probably going to stay nearer home.
Tomorrow looks good for anyone that can sneak away early.

Added by gmjones on 29/04/10

If it stays NE, then Studland would be a good bet (across the sandbanks ferry). Anyone interested?

Added by markh on 29/04/10

Sandbanks itself can be good in a NE with the bonus of port tack jumping if there's any swell.

Added by Crockyt on 29/04/10

I think i'm going to get off the Island this weekend, probably head to Christchurch for sat and sun. May travell slightly further afield on the monday if it's howling, Calais might be a stretch though!!!
Hopefully see some of you on the water.

Added by Jessali on 29/04/10

Hey like that studland idea. How is it in ne? I'm hopping to get to kimmeridge Friday afternoon .....any advice?

Added by gmjones on 29/04/10

Studland sometimes works really well in a NE (but never any other direction, as it's sheltered). There isn't often much in the way of ramps, but I've had days there with a good 2m swell rolling in from the ferry channel. Rare when that happens though. Most times it's just been good for some scenic blasting to old harry rocks & back. For the scenery, I love it. Hopefully weather permitting, I'll be there early on Monday morning.
Hope kbay works for you, personally I prefer it a bit more westerly.
Doing slalom at Branksome on Friday! Addicted to coming last place :-D

Added by marcingabriel on 30/04/10

I am Heading to Hayling Island, I have only sailed there once before. There is an event on Sunday; Sunrise to Sunset windsurfing, which should be good fun, plus there should be a number of support boats incase people get swept away on the NE. The event info is available on the following website: www.windsurfing4cancerresearch.com/index.php
Either way it will be a great event and a good time to get the Barbecue out.

Added by Lawrence on 05/05/10

Bit late for the first May bank holiday, BUT the following lists sites that I know on South coast that are okay in northerlies are:-

Pagham (North easterlies)
Back of Hayling Island (Langstone harbour behind Esso garage at hi tide)
Top of Hayling Island (west side / Chichester harbour, at hi tide - just don't leave it too late to get back to car as the mud can be deep - I know this from bitter experience ;) )
Front of Hayling at low tide (it is off shore but shallow & you have the sand bank to 'catch' you should disaster strike)
Weymouth/Portland Harbour
Mudeford Harbour (Christchurch)
Poole Harbour
In front of the TV ;)

Added by jonathan on 05/05/10

I didn't do particularly well with either Pagham or Esso Beach at the weekend. Another option (which I wish I'd gone for now) is Titchfield Haven / Nature Reserve - just around the corner from Hillhead and opposite Calshot. Again, you really want high tide and ideally a little bit of west.

Added by Lawrence on 05/05/10

.....Should have gone to Weymouth Jonathan - we had a great time!!