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Stop Carl Sailing!

Started by Started by: Lawrence
....can someone hide Carl's kit for a few weeks - he's running away with the most days sailed again.

We collectively need to reduce his opportunities for getting out somehow.

Ideas on a post card.......

Last updated: 06/05/10 20:04 By: Lawrence
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Added by Carl on 07/05/10

As I'm closest I thought I should probably help out.....

OK, I've now hidden it well out of sight, will that do?

Added by Carl on 07/05/10

The Met office also have a solution, they are going to ban Southwesterlies from now on:-


Added by Carl on 07/05/10

OK, this one's thinking out of the box slightly - and its very early on a Friday for me to be "out of my box" but here's another potential solution.......

Looking deeper into the problem it seems possibly more of a relative one rather than absolute, numerically speaking, so one suggestion might be to help redress the balance through using your own kit a bit more?

Added by Lawrence on 07/05/10

.......that last one was a great suggestion Carl, thank you, can we put you at the top of the list for our child care duties then? ;)

These northerlies are not helping our case either.

Still, putting all your kit up on ebay wont hurt our case either!