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Panoramic view of Hayling Beach, high tide
Parking ranging by the time slot - All day 6.00, Overnight [22:00 - 08:00 ] 10.00
Toilets have a shower section,  but didn't try them. Toilets are vandal proof steel type. Drinking water.

Southend on Sea

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Last updated: 17/05/10 07:56 By: Andrew
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Added by Yannis on 25/11/12

Drove around Thorpe Bay today, for the first time, to check it out. Looks like a great place. Lots of kites and windsurfers out there. 2 square miles of waist deep (turning into knee deep and then ankle deep) water makes it perfect for winter sailing as if you are lucky your upper body could stay dry. There is ample parking and rigging area complemented by a lovely backdrop of the estuary.

Coming from Bromley, the only drawback is the Dartford Crossing that can get a bit jammed.

Still, not a Hayling alternative!