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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Camber Sands

Kiwi Steve124/05/08 
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Also known as Broomhill Sands, the windsurfing conditions here can be epic. The beach is nice and sandy and very flat, which means the tide goes out an awfully long way! It also means that at most points of the tide it is possible to remain within your depth for an awfully long way too! When the tide is low, the opportunities for speedsailing, riding a buggy with your kite and all sorts of other beach games are immense. OMWC try to visit at neap tides, to avoid any log walks. In an easterly wind, we can switch venues to St.Mary's Bay (just the other side of New Romney), where the direction will be more on-shore. Check the club line to see if we will be switching venues.
Large car park (amusement arcade on the left) costs about 4 per day.
Lots of cafes and toilet facilities. Nearest windsurfing shop is in Hastings.

Camber seems to get a boost in wind and can be a Force windier than many other spots on the coast so we can get a high chance of sailing and 100% pub action likely.

Camber is a long tidal sandy beach which also has a spot called 'Little Maui' so it must be good! We scored some great sailing there last year and it is a spot that deserves to be sailed again.

Camber works in a lot of directions but SW is x-onshore and W is more side shore. It is a safe spot to sail just watch out for a small ship wreck and the Danglers (kiters)!

For a map go to Google Maps or similar and type in Camber Sands.


Last updated: 14/05/08 21:32 By: Kiwi Steve
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Added by Genevieve on 03/02/09

Cafe and toilets in summer.

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