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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Kit for sale - Boards and Sails

Started by Started by: mikep
I have some boards, sails & bags for sale:

JP Beginner Board + Bag
JP New School, 180 litres, 260cm long, 91cm wide.
This board is WIDE ! Ideal for a complete beginner as all you need to worry about is the sail.
Multiple strap positions for getting to grips with them.
Screw on some straps in the outboard positions and it turns into a hovercraft. OK, exaggerating a bit but you get my drift; light wind fun for those that can sail.
Comes with 2 Power Box fins - 1 for the centre to act as a dagger board, 1 for the rear. Can use with just one fin.
Also comes with board bag.
Good nick.
350 with bag or 300 without.

JP Beginner / Intermediate Board
145 litres.
70cm wide x 277cm long
Good nick. A little of the graphics peeeling off but a good serviceable beginner / early intermediate board.
With a fin.

91 litre Wave Board - JP RealWorld Wave 91
61.5cm wide x 238cm long.
91 litres.
This board has seen some action in Morocco, Capetown and Ireland. Been professionally repaired by Blue Chip.
Comes with a tatty but serviceable board bag & US Box fin. Bonus.

Starboard Evo 80 - Wood Version
58cm wide x 234 long
This is the more expensive wood version.
This board has seen some action in Morocco, Capetown and Ireland.
Good solid small board.
I used this to complement the 61.5cm JP for sale above.

Boom Bag - Pat Love
Serviceable. Will take cpl of booms and other parephenalia (battery powered if you choose. ooo err missus).

Quiver Bag
Gun Sails - grey / orange.
One small hole in it courtesy of baggage handlers, but otherwise good nick all round.
Has zippered extension to allow it to take 460 masts.
From memory it takes 3 masts ~4-5 sails depending on their size.

I also have some sails available and maybe a mast or two - need to dig around in the garage. From memory:
NeilPryde Combat 5.0 in Green. Good nick. 120 (Sits on 400 mast)
NeilPryde Combat 5.8 in Red. Good nick. 120 (Sits on 430 mast)
NeilPryde Combat 5.8 in Red (another one). Repaired in Capetown but serviceable 90 (Sits on 430 mast)

All in West London. Can deliver to South Coast depending on wind and schedule. Or Reading area (work).

Mike - 07766 227749

Last updated: 01/06/10 14:03 By: mikep
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