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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Summer Bash approaching

Childrens picnic party at the Summerbash
Left to right: Michael, Sheena, Rory, Lucy, Jude, Becca, Iona, Jane, Jonathan, Nayra, Xavier, Fin and Lawrence. Apologies if I've got any of that wrong.
Date Date: 10/07/10
We have the weather, we have the place, now we need you. Please sign up and pay for the Summer Bash at Calshot.

You only need to use the donate button and then indicate it is for the summer bash and for how many people. Camping is 5.60 per person, launch fee is 1.00. More details are on the event page.

I need all interested by 3rd of July.

If you have any ideas of events or details you want included - please let me know.


Last updated: 28/06/10 13:50 By: Andrew
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Added by Jude on 21/06/10

Oh no!!! We can't come that weekend as we'll be in Devon for a family birthday party. What a shame. Hope you have fun. Jude, Mark & Ollie x

Added by Carl on 29/06/10

We are paid up, will probably go Friday as well.

Added by rogerta on 29/06/10

We've paid via paypal for Sat night - three of us. Do we need to contact Calshot?

Added by beth on 29/06/10

If you have paid we have record of it and will include you on the list for Calshot and they will let you in on the day.