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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Desperately seeking sailing

Started by Started by: Andrew
There just might be a sea breeze this afternoon, so I'm heading to Hayling. Low around 2pm, High 9pm.

Last updated: 22/06/10 09:05 By: Andrew
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Added by Lawrence on 23/06/10

.....did you get out Andrew? Any good????

Added by Andrew on 23/06/10

Errr no, not a breath. The wind meter peaked at 4 (that's 4 knots).
Still, it was good to see the sea, plenty of others sitting around waiting.

Added by Lawrence on 23/06/10

I could not escape work yesterday - I had an audio mtg with two of my bosses.

.......but I could leave early this afternoon......but not sure it is worth it.....been watching Chimet.

Looking at Chimet archive for yesterday it was reading approx 12 knots for most of the afternoon until about 4.30-ish when it dropped off......however, from prior experience I believe Chimet over reads by about 3 knots vs what we see on the beach........I've been down there & it has been a smooth water surface (definately sub-planing) & when I have got home & looked at Chimet it has read in the 10-12knot range which I could not believe!

.....as I have been writing, chimet has just risen from hovering just over 10 knts to not about 15 knts........but based upon it disappearing yesterday at 4.30pm I think it may well be short lived......

Added by Andrew on 23/06/10

Yes, Chimet definitely over-reads

BTW have you seen the new Hayling webcam: www.intheelements.co.uk/webcams/Hayling-Island-web

Added by Lawrence on 23/06/10

.......oh ace! - thanks for the link Andrew......that is much better than the last web cam there.......& even that was useful!

Added by Carl on 24/06/10

The sea breeze has come up to around 15 - 17 knots each afternoon for the last three days here with the usual crowd out, blatting up and down at Avon every day. I've had a ringside seat, just upwind crabbing with the children :(

Actually, I normally need a couple of knots more than that and the smallest sail I've seen anyone out on was a 6.5m so I keep telling myself I haven't missed anything. Its a good sign that we're finally getting sea breezes again though, don't know why it didn't reach Hayling the other day, that's odd, maybe they need to get the residents together and all get their drives tarmac'd?

Added by Lawrence on 24/06/10

......I was at Chessington world of adventures today, so no chance to sail......but checked Chimet tonight & it looked like there was a bit of a sea breeze between 1.30pm-3.45pm at Hayling, but that barely touched 15knts & it alays seems to be 3 knts for there abouts over reading anyway, so taking that into account, it would have been just about 10knts I think......& probably not worth while.

Added by Carl on 24/06/10

Sounds good Lawrence, it was Lymington for me today, so not much chance of a sail there on the river either. As the afternoon wind came up we did rush straight back to the harbour tonight though for a quick.......errrr..... crabbing session. Loads of people were out sailing, not sure what size sails, but some sod was planing up and down on a sail that looked suspiciously like a 5.0 and only had 4 battens. There were still people arriving and going out when we left at 7:30 to put the little ones to bed. At least it looks like these daily sea breezes are going to stop tomorrow so no need to continue punishing ourselves.