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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Windsurfing in New Zealand

Started by Started by: CarolI
We're planning a big trip to NZ later this year, and will be travelling pretty much everywhere. I know at least one member is a Kiwi so could any of you out there with some inside knowledge recommend some places to windsurf in NZ - where I can hire complete kit and wetsuit etc - and not too remote/hostile as we have 2 small kiddies tagging along.
We'll be there in the spring so I'm guessing North Island would be much warmer?
Many thanks

Last updated: 01/07/10 10:09 By: CarolI
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Added by Kiwi Steve on 01/07/10

Hi Carol,

That Kiwi is probably me :)

Hiring windsurfing kit in NZ is problematic (very small market and limited options) so I would recommend either taking some of yours out or freight forwarding it there before you fly out and pick it up when you arrive. Spring is from Sept/Oct to late November and is a good time for wind but the water can be chilly.

I'm actually just rushing off the airport now to go back to Auckland to live after 13 years up here...I'll be windsurfing this weekend in Auckland (can't wait!). I'll be able to give you some more advice but it will be a few days. You can get me on: stephen_westwood@hotmail.com


"Kiwi Steve"

Added by dsweeting on 01/07/10

Hi Carol,

I moved to Wellington in January of this year and I can tell you its a great place to windsurf. Loads of different conditions, check out this site for some detail www.wildwinds.co.nz/location-guide.htm. It's not called windy Wellington for nothing! Contact Dave at the shop for some idea about kit hire

I don't know much about other locations but i hear there is plenty of sailing in Auckland and Christchurch although its bigger kit stuff. High proportion of kites, you get the idea!



Added by dsweeting on 01/07/10

You don't want to freight your kit as its subject to GST at 15% of it sellable value. Freighting is for those with long term visa's or residents only. I know this as I was shafted for the very same by customs.. not the best day I've experienced down here! Luckily we agreed that the couple of boards and a few sails boom wetsuit etc. were probably only worth a couple of hundred, at the most ;)

Added by beth on 01/07/10

Depending on what airline you travel you can often take your own kit. I usually do that. NZ is awesome. The wavesailing mecca is undoubtedly Taranaki. It is a point with many different venues depending on the wind direction. The best wavesailing wave, a bit gnarly however, is Pungarehu (spelling?). It's a bit tricky getting out, but the waave is amazing.

Stay at Wave Haven. Talk to Kiwi Steve he knows the place really well.