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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

big thursday

Date Date: 15/07/10
Has anyone seen the great forecast for Thursday - big swell and real wind. Can anyone get off to one of the better wave spots?

Last updated: 12/07/10 18:08 By: beth
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Added by Lawrence on 12/07/10

Where were you thinking of going Beth? .......& what time?

Nu goes mountain biking Thursday evening, so I'd have to be back by 5pm latest to take over with the kids, BUT I am temped to blow at least a half days holiday for a good sail........can't say that I am very good in waves, but I'll give it a go!

Added by markh on 12/07/10

Jude and I are hoping to be in Bigbury, or if it's too Southerly perhaps round the corner at Mothecombe beach.

Added by beth on 12/07/10

I'm probably going to have to sail Hayling sadly - but even it is forecast 3 meters - which means at least a couple of feet. It'll be too onshore for Bracklesham and too westerly swell for Pagham - Kbay would be perfect, but I have to deal with children and get ready for Bali. I'll probably do it around 10:30 to avoid high tide.

Hopefully everyone will get a good sail somewhere.

Added by rogerta on 12/07/10

There is definitely some swell out there - I've been getting surf alerts for Kimmeridge already - 3-4ft.

Thursday's tide is 11.10 HW and 17:58 LW. That either means an early morning session at the Bench or afternoon session on the Ledges. Not sure I can stretch the dizzy spells out that long though!!

Added by Lawrence on 12/07/10

Wednesday is looking windy too.

Windguru swell forecast is suggesting max swell hitting Hayling at 7am, but still big at 1pm.......high tide could be 'interesting' at Hayling.......bring spare masts.....

Beth, may be worth making an earlier start than 10.30 is HW is 11.10 as Roger has posted......BUT according to easytide Langstone harbour HW is just gone 2pm, ok, Langstone maybe slightly delayed due to restricted water ingress into Langstone harbour, but I can't imagine that there is 3 hours difference!

Added by Lawrence on 12/07/10

Roger, where did you get your HW timing from????

Added by beth on 12/07/10

I think he meant high tide for KImmeridge - not Hayling. I'll try to be out about 1000.

Added by johng on 12/07/10

OK, that's enough of that "oooh yes, let's go windsurfing during the week" stuff... Some of us absolutely won't be going, unless, hang on... I wonder...

Added by rogerta on 13/07/10

Yes it was for Kimmeridge rather than Hayling

Added by Genevieve on 14/07/10

Juan is still busy saying viva espana

Added by Lawrence on 14/07/10

I am surprised Juan is still standing ;)

Added by Genevieve on 14/07/10

Yes - most of Spain is currently on sick leave - no matter where they are in the world... Hayling seems the best reachable bet. We will have to cancel a squash match, and can only go after work, so 6pm we would be on the water. Will anyone else still be there to join us?

Added by rogerta on 14/07/10

Check the surf forecast for Kimmeridge - 15-17ft - that just can't be right...

The following break has met, or is expected to meet, your Surf Alert® requirements:

LOCATION: Kimmeridge Bay

Date: Thursday Jul 15: 08:00 AM
Surf: 15 - 17ft

Added by beth on 14/07/10

The wind is here, howling outside my window and so is the surf

Added by Lawrence on 15/07/10

it's 8.17am & I'm at home (ie not at work) packed up ready to go......will leave in next 10 mins or so, should be at Hayling seafront around 9am - I am going to the far end of the beach where the sea wall ends & will launch from the first beach with the rocks on.

......depending upon wind direction (or my ability to sail upwind / confidence in the conditions / not being the only one out / insert your own excuse here / etc etc) I will probably attempt to sail out to the sandbar & play in the breaking waves.

Chimet is showing avg consistently over 30knts........

Low water was around 8am, high water around 2pm

.......hope I have some company down there........

Added by Genevieve on 15/07/10

if you are so early, you probably won't be there by the time we come - it will be low tide again by 6, and hopefully we will be there