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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Pagham 24-25 July

Stephen at Pagham
Stephen turns into the wave
Host Host: Juanito
Date Date: 24/07/10
Venue Venue: Pagham
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Rating OMWC Rating: 2 star rating
Beautiful combination of sunshine and force 5, or even slightly more, crossshore. We had a lovely time.


Last updated: 01/08/10 19:08 By: Andrew
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Diary for johng at Hayling Island on 24/07/10

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:3 star rating
Board:116 litres

I'd been watching the forecast like a man obsessed (why is that not a surprise?) all week, after last weekend's great sessions I wanted some more action! So with Windguru predicting F4/5 on Saturday afternoon, especially when supported by Chimet showing F5 on the day...

Arrived at Hayling to see Bill's trailer parked up, and there were B&H rigging their big b*ll*ck sails, minimum 7.5m. Wasn't having any of that, so went for the 6.5m, even changed the outhaul to prevent embarrassing failure later. Lovely sunny day, a few out, warm water - let's go for it!!

The Playmate is sadly getting used to this sail, and so am I! Wind was up and down, but it was great to be out in the sun. H was blasting away on her 8.5, but I was surprised not to be too far behind her, although the lulls were hard work. And it was good fun - started trying to do hops 'n' pops off the chop, timing is everything! Had a couple of good ones, and cranked a couple of handy gybes too.

Came in for a sandwich because the wind had dropped a bit - H borrowed my harness to try out whilst I munched, looks much better on her! Rejuvenated, I headed out again as the wind picked up, and it continued to build as the crowds thinned and the afternoon passed. Came in when I got tired and went for fish 'n' chips with Jen and her mate.

What a nice relaxed low-key session - good to see B&H, the sun, and some wind. A few waves would have been nice, but hey, you can't everything, and that was plenty!

Diary for Bernie at Christchurch on 24/07/10

A good day in Mauritius 2007
Rating:3 star rating
Board:145 litres

Decided to head to Mudeford with no real inclination to windsurf, having aggravated my old back injury on honeymoon, but the conditions looked promising, and I subsequently enjoyed an hour and a half of decent blasting, until the water drained out of the harbour. But I paid for it all later when my back problem caught up with me.

Helen was on a 6.5 too and had a blast, with the delightful Mudeford Arts Festival as backdrop.

Met a guy called John who is new to windsurfing and told him about the club and the website.....so if you are reading this John, welcome to the club!


Diary for Heather at Hayling Island on 24/07/10

Rating:3 star rating
Board:138 litres

Great fun - picked the right kit combination.

Diary for Andrew at Weymouth on 24/07/10

Andrew pondering life.
Andrew pondering life, from the top of Las Dunas, in Tarifa.
Rating:1 star rating
Board:130 litres

Stopped at Weymouth on my way down to Cornwall. Quite a few out, so decided to join them, but there really wasn't much wind, didn't even get planing.

(So if I didn't get planing, am I allowed to count this as a diary entry ??)

Diary for Bill at Hayling Island on 24/07/10

Bill (1)
Rating:3 star rating
Board:135 litres